Halo – Series Episode 7 Review : Oh No

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The last Halo episode was pretty bland. But it at least was with the characters and the story line of this series that were somewhat interesting. But after that we get one whole episode of Madrigal, Kwan and Soren and it is really damn bad.


*Spoilers ……..but who cares?*

This Episode is all about Kwan and her character remains very very irritating. She is back in Madrigal trying to get through the people to restart the revolution. While trying to find what her father was doing. All this is painfully boring while Kwan goes and finds some mystical characters and goes though a test in a different plane to take her family mantel. The show, unfortunately, spends quite a bit of time on this particular test and the biggest problem with it, is that i just don’t care about Kwan to care if she takes back her family’s mantel. MasterChief only appears here briefly and there is no mention of the “Halo” at all.

At the same time Soren just goes back to his base only to do a job and come back. There is nothing to do with his character so he just returns at the end. He does have some scuffle with some of is lackeys upset as he did not collect the bounty from Kwan. And it has nothing new to show for itself is mainly conflict between uninteresting characters. They also have a totalitarian dictator guy chasing them down. Both of them meet up at the place of the first battle in episode one.

The fight takes place which Kwan tries to takes control and both of them fight off these obvious bad guys. The action is meh and is nothing as kinetic or good as as Episode 5. And the fight is boring as it is between characters we do not care about at all.


This episode of Halo is bad and boring, with characters we do not care about and boring fight scenes which go nowhere. Kwan is an irritating and one note character. The sets are on…that’s all the positive things that i can say .Soren is boring with no one to play off on. But hopefully seems like we are done with Kwan and i hope we never revisit this part of this show.



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