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Welcome to the Lost Ark Auction House Companion. This is the Directory for almost all the items in each category in the Market in Lost Ark.

This page was launched March 25, 2022. We started tracking prices in NA East as of March 8th, 2022, and EU Central as of March 27th, 2022. We are looking for feedback from users if they are interested in Other Regions being added to these pages. We manually type out every cost of every item available in the market, every day. Therefore it does take quite some time to pull together. With the right amount of support, we can add other regions to these pages. Please comment on this post below if you would like your region added!

There are over 300 items in the tables below; use the Table of Contents and the Search functions, or Ctrl+F to find what you are looking for!

Table of Contents

Class Engraving Recipes – Market Price History

Combat Engraving Recipes – Market Price History

Enhancement Materials – Market Price History

Combat Supplies – Market Price History

Cooking – Market Price History

Trader – Market Price History

Adventurer’s Tome – Market Price History

Sailing – Market Price History

Pets – Market Price History

Mounts – Market Price History

Other / Gem Chests – Market Price History

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13 thoughts on “Lost Ark Auction House Companion”

  1. Does this have any API calls that can be used with say, google sheets, so I can use certain items in my own spreadsheets?

    • Hi Shad, there is no API currently. We have a few programs that try to gather this data, then we review it for accuracy and update a main dump that feeds these graphs

    • Unfortunately, without the API that the Korean servers have it is not possible at this point. That value is always fluctuating.

  2. You have average prices for items which are heavily impacted with short term spikes.
    If you can add median prices also, that would give another very useful datapoint with the data that you already have.


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