Halo – Series Episode 6 Review : Painfully slow

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The Halo series is a mess. After last episode with awesome action sadly the show is back to its Vapid dialogue scenes. But luckily it kind ignores the series weakest storyline but also shows finally shows us the “Halo” .

*Fully Spoilers*

After the bombastic episode we are back to boring people talking. There is lot of talking of how master chief is angry at Halsey about how he was kidnapped. But this dialogue is so damn obvious and trait. Even the characters are not so interesting any more. Halsey just feels like a vindictive self serving narcissist and not in an interesting way. But rather just irritating.

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Unlike the games MasterChief is a bitter character now but i understand him and his position. His story is continued with him and Makee talking with him more or less interrogating. This leads up to eventual “You are the chosen one” type dialogue. Personally chosen one type stories never interested me as they are overdone. And this is something which was added on to a story which did not have it. But i guess in this Timeline i need to accept that. Also Halsey does get politically backstabbed leaving her scrambling. All this is fine but nothing special. It is not bad but worse….it is bland.

But this is also a really well paced episode most likely it dropped its weakest story line of Kwan. i honestly cannot stand that storyline. Also six episodes in we finally see the glimpse of the actual Halo. This still means it has to be found which worries me because are we gonna have a Halo show where we barely get to see the Halo ring? Sadly seems like it till now.

Final Thoughts

On a whole this episode was ok at best. The dialogue is not compelling to me any way and the story is dragged out. But at least it is getting to the main story. All this talk makes me sound like i do not like talky shows. But one of the best shows on TV right now is Better call Saul and it is mostly about talking and quite moments and its awesome. Maybe that is an unfair comparison but still i personally have no real hope that it will get better. but lets see how it goes.



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