Moon Knight – Finale Review : Rushed yet Good

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Moon Knight as a series has been a bit odd. Each of its episode has managed to hook up in some sense or the other. But overall the show has been a weird watch. It does not mean that it is bad just that it is is really odd. My fear after the fifth episode has been confirmed with the show leaving a lot off to the finale. It feels rushed in many aspects and also feel like there are many things left to explore.

*Spoilers for the series*

As the fifth episode set up we are left with picking up with Marc trying to get back to Steven. It is also at the same time shows the Egyptian god and their avatars get their asses kicked by Harrow. The episode essentially rushes through it with that while Layla tries to rescue Khonshu from captivity. This in turn does lead us finally freeing Ammit and she is a pretty cool character design. Marc returns form the dead with Steven and they manage to harness their DID and manage to switch effortlessly with each other.

All this while Layla is continuedly asked by Taweret to be here avatar which does eventually happen. All this is rushed through but i do think Layla being a avatar of her own is cool. But i don’t care for her powerset which is just essentially a magical Falcon which is weird coming form a hippo god. but anyways all this culminates in the fight of Harrow against Moon Knight and Layla. The fight choreography is pretty good and is fun. They decide not to kill Harrow and leave. The Psych ward is more or less shown to be one of the distressed state which is experienced by their DID system. There is a tease of the third personality but nothing at the end till the credits rolls very abruptly with them. This feel very sudden and i think intentionally so.

The end credits finally show us the third personality Jake with Khonsu just blatantly murdering Harrow. Ending the series more roundly but leaving a ton to the wind in terms of story and the character of Moon Knight. This just calls for a damn season 2.

Final Thoughts

Moon Knight was pretty fun and for me is closer to Loki in terms of how much i liked it. Just like Loki it screams for a continuation and hopefully it gets it. And a seaosn 2 which is more action based instead of what we have hear would be ideal even though i enjoy the aspect of exploring DID. The Moon Knight show does need more Moon Knight.



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