Reviewing Top Custom PC Manufacturing Companies

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In today’s world of gaming, streaming, and content creation, custom PCs are becoming increasingly popular due to their high performance, customization options, and overall versatility. Several companies specialize in creating custom-built PCs tailored to individual needs and preferences. In this guide, we will compare and review some of the most popular and well-known custom PC manufacturing companies, including Origin PC, iBuyPower, Xidax, BLD (by NZXT), Maingear, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, and CyberPowerPC.

  1. Origin PC

Origin PC is a renowned custom PC builder known for its high-quality components, exceptional customer support, and unique case designs. Established in 2009, the company offers a wide range of gaming desktops, workstations, and laptops designed for various budgets and performance levels. Origin PC’s standout feature is its extensive customization options, which include custom paint jobs, laser etching, and hydro dipping. The company also offers lifetime 24/7 customer support and free labor for upgrades, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction.

  1. iBuyPower

iBuyPower is an established player in the custom PC market, known for offering quality components and a wide selection of pre-built systems for gaming and professional use. They provide a diverse range of customization options, allowing users to configure their systems to their liking. iBuyPower’s Easy Builder feature simplifies the customization process for beginners, and their support team is readily available to help with any concerns. The company’s systems are also competitively priced, making them an excellent choice for those seeking value for their money.

  1. Xidax

Xidax is a custom PC builder that differentiates itself by providing a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for its systems. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction is rare in the industry, and it reflects the confidence Xidax has in the quality of its products. The company’s PCs are highly customizable, featuring top-of-the-line components and unique case designs. Xidax also offers financing options, making their high-performance systems more accessible to a broader range of customers.

  1. BLD (by NZXT)

BLD is a custom PC manufacturing service offered by NZXT, a reputable company known for its computer components and cases. BLD’s primary focus is on creating custom gaming PCs that balance performance and budget. The company’s website features a unique interface that allows users to choose the games they want to play, and BLD will recommend a suitable system based on those preferences. This intuitive approach makes the customization process much more accessible for those new to custom PCs. Additionally, BLD’s systems come with a two-year warranty on parts and labor, providing customers with peace of mind.

  1. Maingear

Maingear is a high-end custom PC builder that focuses on creating systems with exceptional performance, aesthetics, and build quality. Their offerings cater to both gamers and professionals, and their attention to detail sets them apart from competitors. Maingear’s custom PCs feature handcrafted liquid cooling solutions, automotive-quality paint jobs, and premium components. While their systems tend to be more expensive, the company justifies the price with its emphasis on quality and premium service.

  1. Digital Storm

Digital Storm is a custom PC manufacturer that prides itself on offering systems with advanced performance, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. Their PCs cater to gamers, content creators, and professionals, with configurations ranging from budget-friendly to ultra-high-end. Digital Storm’s commitment to craftsmanship is evident in their custom liquid cooling solutions and clean cable management. The company also provides comprehensive support, including lifetime labor and tech support, as well as a three-year limited warranty on parts.

  1. Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is one of the oldest custom PC builders in the industry, with a reputation for creating high-performance systems that cater to gamers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. Known for their impeccable build quality and attention to detail, Falcon Northwest offers a range of systems, from compact small-form-factor builds to large, powerful workstations. One of the company’s signature features is its custom automotive paint finishes, which add a unique touch to their PCs. Falcon Northwest also offers a three-year warranty on parts and lifetime labor, ensuring that customers are well-supported throughout their PC’s lifespan.

  1. CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC is a popular custom PC manufacturer that offers a wide variety of gaming and professional systems at competitive prices. With an extensive range of customization options, customers can configure their PCs to meet their specific needs and preferences. CyberPowerPC also offers a number of pre-built systems that cater to various budgets and performance levels, making it easy for those who prefer not to spend time customizing their machines. The company provides a three-year warranty on labor and a one-year warranty on parts, ensuring customers have access to adequate support should they encounter any issues.


Each custom PC manufacturing company has its unique strengths and offerings, making it essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences when choosing a custom PC builder. Origin PC and Maingear cater to those who desire high-quality aesthetics and extensive customization options, while iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC offer more budget-friendly options without sacrificing performance. Xidax stands out with its lifetime warranty, and BLD by NZXT simplifies the customization process for beginners. Digital Storm and Falcon Northwest offer advanced performance and reliability, with a focus on craftsmanship and build quality. Ultimately, the best custom PC builder for you will depend on your priorities and the features that matter most to you.

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