Black Adam Review: Dumb and Fun

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Black Adam seems like the next big play in terms of DC and its cinematic Universe. Headed by the Rock the movie is about Thet Adam. An old superhuman from a fictional city known as Khandaq. He has the powers of SHAZAM! and is said to be a saviour. While as we see in the movie he is ruthless and brutal. It is an Anti-Hero movie and it shows. It is fun but here is the thing, it is nothing more than that. Fun and Stupid. I won’t be spoiling much in this review but I would recommend it for fans of comic book movies. It is nothing new but fun. So here we go…

Mild Spoilers from Here

So the movie is like an inverse of Black Panther. Where a country is exploited for its minerals other than becoming technologically advanced. It is interesting to see. Once Teth Adam is back he is deemed a threat by the JSA aka the Justice Society. Here the movie actually has something interesting to say. Adam is just trying to project and clean up his country. As he sees it he wants to free his country.

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The JSA are seen as invaders, with the civilians even asking why the hell they never helped before. As the country was being stripped of their resources. The movie can be very cheezy and mostly it works but sometimes it just falls flat. The first two acts explore it. Even as it gets very repetitive it works in my opinion. The JSA are great especially Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. I would love to see a movie with the JSA. But it does fall apart a bit in the end with a new boring villain introduced.

A whole Black Adam is fun. It is a competent anti-hero flick. The way the movie went does indicate a lot for the DCEU which will be interesting to see in the future after all the cancellations. Do stay back for the post-credits.



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