New Marathon Game rumoured to be in development

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Bungie is said to be developing a new game in the Marathon Series. This is unexpected. I personally love the Maraton games. I did have an article on how it actually inspired most of the games for Bungie. It is very similar to Halo and Destiny in terms of its world but its sequels are way esoteric. But on the whole, it is a classic series which in my opinion is a masterpiece. So here we are finally with a scoop from Inside Gaming.

This was from Jeff Grub and he has been a reliable source in the industry. Here is what it says:

According to sources, Bungie is set to bring back the Marathon series with a new game that will be a 3-man squad extraction-based shooter.

The title is in a pre-alpha state, sources said, but it could be announced at any point given the industry’s competition for talent. Marathon takes place on a planet that was previously home to a human colony that vanished, with humans (now sparse) using highly-customization cyborgs called “Runners” to gather loot, it was said. It’s understood that the gameplay loop of Marathon is similar to most extraction-based shooters; choose a mission, buy and choose your loadout, drop into the map, hunt for loot and complete missions, and then extract safely.

Just like with most extraction-based shooters. It is understood that you lose all of your loot if you’re unfortunate enough to die. The game is intended to be the “ultimate example of a living game”, it was said. Seasonal rewards and progression will be a huge part of the game. Which isn’t surprising considering Bungie’s success with the Destiny series and its live services.

So ya. I am intrigued and interested in this game. This will first non-Destiny game Bungie developed in years.


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