Halo – Series episode 1 Review : Off to an Interesting Start

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The first episode of the long-awaited Halo TV series has finally premiered on Paramount plus and it is off to an interesting start. And as someone who has got into the Halo series for the first time on i was curious to see how the show does. I personally have read few of the halo novels and am in tune with the workings of the Halo universe.

But as mentioned by its creators the Halo TV series is a new universe and is essential out of cannon. It is set in something called the “Silver Timeline”. The Creators wanted the show to shad out. To a point where the showrunner Steven Kane even stated that “We didn’t look at the game. We didn’t talk about the game”. Which is a concerning statement. And this can be seen as good and bad thing. To summarize this was the situation in which i started watching the premier of the show. I am going to spoil some aspects of the Episode so be vary of that.

*Mild Spoilers*

The Show starts off very strong in my opinion. It shows human rebels who are fighting against the UNSC showing the other side of the universe that we never really got to see in the Halo games and whose points where usually left for the extended universe. We follow a character who is related tot eh main rebel leader as she tries to survive. These rebels get attacked and slaughtered by the the aliens we know as Covenant and it is brutal. The Covenant are efficient as they massacre the whole village. It is unexpectedly very violent and blunt in a great way.

This when we are introduced to Master Chief as he and his team of sup[r soldiers drop in to kill all the Covenant and investigate. At this point i was sold, as the entire village except the one girl gets slaughtered. Master chief and his Silver team investigate to find that the covenant have found some antient artifact which reacts to him weirdly. As someone who has played the games it is obvious but the reinterpretation is interesting.

But this is not where we continue but rather the show goes back to the UNSC base in Reach in order to show what is going on with Halsey the creator of these super soldiers. This part is also interesting as it shows a grey side to this where the humans at the high ranks are not as moral as they seem. This setup is interesting and fascinating honestly. I am really curious where the show goes next week. But also this is where the show gets a bit clumsy.

Thoughts and Verdict

Speaking of clumsy, I got to talk about Dialogue for this part, It is cheesy and campy but unlike the games i do not think it always works. The dialogue is not at its best and sometimes distracting. The special effects are pretty good but it look awkward when chief is running and jumping….its looks jittery. The sets and the costumes so look on point. The Music is ok which is a shame considering the music of the games.

On a whole, The premier episode of Halo is awkward and cheesy yet brutal and fun. I am curious on where the series is gonna go and am really interested on how this show shapes up. I guess i will know next week.



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