Halo – Series Episode 5 Review : Finally Some Action

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The Halo TV show has been pretty bad and the last two episodes have been the worst. They have been slow and meandering. And most importantly the dialogue was boring while this show based on a FPS game barley has any action. So much for a different Timeline. But episode 5 finally has action which is pretty cool but does that make it any good.

*Spoilers for now*

This episode continues the boring escapade of last time with Chief and Halsey calling in the UNXC. So the first half of this relatively small episode is left to just be boring dialogue as everyone evacuated the artifact. We know this artifact is to find the Halo ring. The storylines of Kai and Chief come together as he discovers that even she has removed her chip. John seems disapproving of it but it is not important.

As this goes on we go to the worst story line of this series, the one with Kwan. She is more and more annoying and her story seems very pointless if you ask me. I am not sure how it will end up but she irritates me and isn’t likeable at all. Soren is there too but barely does anything.

Meanwhile, MasterChief discovers that he was completely lied to by Halsey and almost murders her before being shutdown by Cortana. The dialogue is honestly very bland. But this is when the action kicks in with the covenant showing up for the artifact too. And unlike the first episode in this i found the action scenes way less stiff and better.

It is really damn cool seeing Chief and the Spartans desperately trying to get it to a functional ship. The action is well directed and kinetic. But good action does not make the show. Also i am kind of afraid that the show will settle down again and seep back into its filler episodes like the ones before.

Final Thoughts

Halo’s Episode 5 is pretty fun with its good action but it still has the boring and bland dialogue are as present as ever. The Episode is also the shortest of the bunch and is way better paced. Hopefully the series keeps up with this momentum at least in terms of action as the dialogue and story have not hooked me at all.



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