LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 3 Recap

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Day 1- Rogue demolished Fnatic, remained the only undefeated team

Week 3 matches in the LEC has come to an end. The only two undefeated teams of the league, Fnatic and Rogue, faced off to take first place on the opening day of Week 3. Rogue, the regular season juggernaut beat Fnatic, ended their opponents’ winning streak. Contrary to what fans expected, they marked the season thanks to a staggering performance by Malrang.

Rogue knew Malrang could dominate the match during the mid-late game if they subdue Razork in the early game. For this purpose, Rogue focused on his jungle pathing. All Rogue had to do was not give Razork skirmishes he wanted, as Malrang scaling with his Viego. The trio on the top side of the map seemed like they’d been playing for years. Even though Fnatic took both Rift Herald, Rogue put dragons in their pocket as their composition requires.

The global gold lead was in favor of Rogue from start to finish. Larssen and Odoamne showed an outstanding performance in the foremost match in their schedule. There was sixteen kill score gap between these two teams, the match that was expected to be contentious was a bit dull.

This disappointing loss for Fnatic is understandable, considering they changed their starting roster ahead of the 2022 Spring. At first, the coaching staff should focus on adapting Humanoid and Razork to the current meta. Wunder also should not act by himself. They have time to define roles in the team until the playoffs begin.

Team BDS earned its second win over Astralis, the only winless team in the LEC. Vitality continues to farm weaker rosters as G2 wants to secure its playoff spot by not allowing surprises. Also, MAD does not intend to stop chasing G2, though their rookie player, Reeker, could not meet expectations.

LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 3 Results


  • Team BDS  1 — 0  Astralis
  • Excel  0 — 1  MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality  1 — 0 SK Gaming
  • Fnatic  0 — 1  Rogue
  • G2 Esports  1 — 0  Misfits Gaming


  • Team BDS  1 — 0  SK Gaming
  • Astralis  0 — 1  Excel
  • Misfits Gaming  1 — 0  MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality  0 — 1  Rogue
  • G2 Esports  1 — 0  Fnatic

Day 2- Fnatic closed up the week without a win

The most expected match of the week between G2 and FNC showed off there is still not an absolute favorite team for the championship. Although G2 was not as good as Fnatic in previous weeks, they took down their opponent led by the Flakked-Targamas duo. Fnatic was in control in the early game, but their macro decisions gave G2 a chance to return to the match. They attempted skirmishes with Razork and Humanoid towards the mid-game, but these backfired.

Flakked stood firm against Upset in the bot lane. Aatrox pick for Broken Blade was extremely useful in his lane. G2 was the one who decided how the game would go from a certain point, thanks to Fnatic’s mind-blowing moves. Both teams tied in second place with this result.

Rogue maintained its six-game-winning streak by overwhelming the LEC’s super team, Vitality. Comp was selected MVP with his superb Caitlyn performance against the previous champion, Carzzy. Though there was a mid-gap between Perkz and Larssen, Rogue compensated it from other lanes. Rogue was one step forward from their opponent in terms of strategy, tempo, and map control, starting from the pick-ban screen.

Also, the match-up between Malrang and Selfmade, arguably two of the LEC’s best jungle players with their current forms, was stirring to watch. Rogue took a noticeable lead with Comp. Malrang reasonably focused on maintaining this advantage rather than creating another winning condition on his own.

Rogue closed up the week, undefeated when they faced off their toughest rivals. Team BDS finished Week 3 with two wins that could be vital for their playoff hopes. Astralis still could not take any victory at the end of their first seven matches. MAD Lions fell to Misfits Gaming, and both teams tied in fourth place.

Week 4 in the LEC will kick off with a final rematch between MAD and Fnatic on Friday, while Rogue will try to protect their unexceptional win streak against G2 on Saturday. You can catch all the action from the LEC’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. Stay cool!

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