Best Upcoming PC Games of August 2022

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There are a bunch of new games coming out every month, and players are not even aware of them except for AAA titles or attention-grabbing indies. It should not come as weird because every publisher has not the same marketing budget. Leading companies put an intense effort on their marketing strategies to attract as many players as possible. It also costs a lot of money.

Actually, it does not change anything to know about the forgotten games, as most players probably do not have enough time to try out every single one of them. Or they may not find something appealing to them among all these. In this context, players are better to take a look at the list of upcoming games and decide which one to try based on their categories.

PC players may have trouble with the game they want to play on their hardware. Contrary to console players, they must have powerful setups that meet the system requirements. Let’s take God of War Ragnarok as an example to make it clear. It does not matter whether God of War will launch for PC or not if your system can not run it properly. It can not be said the same for Xbox or PlayStation consoles. Players know their consoles somehow will run AAA titles and hit games alike.

After a short introduction to understanding PC players, it is time to dive into the list of coming games in August 2022. From the fast-paced action RPG by OverBorder Studio, Thymesia, to the third-person shooter thriller Rollerdome, the list below includes a bevy of games to look forward to in the days to come.

List of coming games to PC in August 2022

  • Camp Canyonwood – – August 4
  • Two Point Campus – – August 9
  • Arcade Paradise – – August 11
  • Cult of the Lamb – – August 11
  • Gloorrwood – – August 16
  • Rollerdome – – August 16
  • Thymesia – – August 18
  • A Walk With Yiayia – – August 20
  • Midnight Fight – – August 20
  • Saints Row – – August 23
  • I Was a Teenage Excolonist – – August 25
  • Monster Outbreak — August 25
  • Soul Hackers 2 – – August 26
  • Immortality – – August 30
  • Tinykin – – August 30
  • Scathe – – August 31

The first recommended game on the list is an action role-playing indie called Thymesia. Developed by OverBorder Studio, Thymesia will launch on August 18 for PC to introduce its unique combat system combined with a plague that spans the Kingdom of Hermes, where the story takes place. Thymesia will have a dark and horrific theme, making it more like a souls-like game. Players will encounter bloodthirsty monsters to reflect their playstyle designed by its creative RPG elements.

Two Point Campus

Players may want to give this university-building game a chance to spend a few hours of fun. Two Point Campus is a single-player, isometric simulation game in which players can build their own cities with a wide array of constructions such as sculptures, benches, facilities, and fountains. Additionally, the game offers replayability to a certain point so players can rebuild their cities with rich customization options.

Those who pre-order Two Point Campus on Steam will receive bonus campus-themed items at lunch. Players can now add the game to their wishlist to be notified of updates.


Anyone looking for a shooter thriller with a stylish combat system? Rollerdome can meet their action need for a while. Being developed by Roll7, the studio behind the BAFTA-winning OlliOlli series, Rollerdome is a single-player, TPS action set in 2030, when the authorities and rules are nearly disabled. Players will get into fights by gliding through the air with their skateboards. Also, they will be able to slow down time to make better shots. Rollerdome will introduce a new category of game, shooter-skater.

Saints Row

Publisher Deep Silver has announced that A reboot of the acclaimed Saints Row series will launch on August 23 for PC via Epic Games Store. It is a pure action-adventure game in which players will embark on a new journey in Santo Ileso to take over the crime world. According to the developer team, Saints Row will offer the best customization options in the series yet. Players can reflect their clothing style with their characters, building up a criminal empire across the city. Those who pre-order the game will receive Marshall Rocket Launcher as a free weapon.

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