League of Legends Solo Queue Tier List – Patch 12.13

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The latest update to Riot Games’ flagship entry, League of Legends, which went live on July 13, introduced some new reasonable changes that will directly affect your pick priorities for solo queue in the coming days. Alongside several massive nerfs to Gwen and Sivir, which will likely result in these two ladies falling from the current meta, Nilah will embark on Summoner’s Rift to offer another option that bot lane players may consider using on their ranked matches. It seems as though the overall damage players will face will likely increase as both AD champions and items have been strengthened by Riot with consecutive patches.

Some of us play League of Legends ambitiously to climb up the ranks, while the others only spend several hours in the game enjoying with their friends. No matter which side players are on, there are many factors players need to pay attention. Allowing a random player to ruin your game is the last thing you should do, even if you mostly prefer to play normal games. You always have something to lose contrary to what you think when you are not in a ranked match. For instance, your time is wasted when you can’t enjoy the game because of some broken champions. To prevent this, you should start picking ideal champions if the opposite team lets you in the ban phase.

Keep in mind that only several champions will be examined in terms of their utility, capabilities, and skill set. Considering nearly twenty champions will be planted in different categories, it would be convenient to focus on some of them. Also, the tier list below will not categorize these 20 champions for their role but for their strengths. So you may see two champions in the same role on top of the list.

As you can clearly understand from the category names, the list will not only include the best champions for solo queue but also the weakest ones. The question of why the champions we should not pick will also be on the evaluation may pop up in your mind; however, being aware of these champions will help you fix your choices.


Noxus’ bloodthirsty leader sits top of the list with a %52.00 win rate in all ranks and all regions. Although juggernauts can not make a noticeable difference in recent times, Darius stands out among his class thanks to his versatile skill set. If this battle-hardened champion somehow reaches your close, he can deal unexpected instantaneous damage.


Another juggernaut securing his place in God Tier is Mordekaiser. When he was first reworked, Mordekaiser broke the game with his powerful skill set. After that, the Iron Revenant received several massive nerfs restricting his impact in top lane. However, Mordekaiser is back on the meta where his counter picks, such as Vayne, Olaf, Lilia, and Nasus, will fall out of trends. Do not forget that Darius works well against Mordekaiser, so when the opposite team picks any other champion, you should consider using the Warlord.


Statistically, Olaf is one of the less picked champions in Patch 12.13 after receiving a displeasing nerf targeting those who prefer him in top lane. The reason why we have seen Olaf dominate the meta is because of his extraordinary 1vs1 ability. However, it looks like Olaf will never find a place in top lane again until Riot reverts him.

Olaf also received a fair-minded buff to be the new favorite champion of jungle players. Even though the Berserker is not as impactful as some other champions in the late stage, he is the most powerful jungler until the mid-late game. His ability to clear jungle camps faster than everyone combines with an unstoppable 1vs1 strength to establish Olaf as the king of the jungle.


Let’s move on with the Saltwater Scourge to broaden the horizon. Gangplank is probably one of the hardest champions to play in League of Legends. In addition to its high-level difficulty, Gangplank needs to survive until the late phase to reach his power spike. That makes him less popular in the eyes of most players. However, mastered GP players can demolish the game thanks to their fabulous skill set that provides the opportunity to deal high-level instant damage to more than one enemy. That also means if Gangplank uses his barrels properly, he can easily change the course of skirmishes.

Consequently, if you trust your skill shots, you may want to give Gangplank a chance to prove himself. Bear in mind that you must stay firm in the lane phase until the game goes on to the late stage.


The nomadic mage from Shurima should be considered by those who want to climb up the leagues rapidly. Yes, Taliyah is as hard as Ganplank to play because it is up to your skill shots to make a difference. Players used the Stoneweaver in mid lane recently, having dominated the meta in particular times as a jungler.

Taliyah can deal uncountable damages with his deadly combo starting with “Unraveled Earth”. One thing to mention about Taliyah is players should keep their distance between enemies because she is a fragile champion.

You can find a slew of champions you can utilize in your solo queue matches. Also, be careful not to pick the champions at the bottom of the list. There are numerous win conditions in League of Legends, and one of them begins with an impeccable pick-ban phase.

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