JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean -Thoughts so far

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JoJo’s is a special show. Probably the most unique show I have ever watched. I’m glad to say Stone Ocean continues the legacy of JoJo’s absurdity, yet endearing personalities.

Jolyne the protagonist

We begin with Jolyne being infatuated with a guy and instantly I was questioning if Jolyne would be a good protagonist. Luckily she’s great so far. Without a doubt, she is Jotaro’s daughter as she is straight forward and in simple terms, badass. It’s great to see a strong female lead as most shows nowadays try to reinforce the idea of the female lead being strong rather than giving her character development.

Jolyne is in prison, which is a strange setting, but so far it’s really good and quite different from exploring Italy or Egypt like the other parts. Her stand Stone Ocean is brilliant. The stands ability is threads, I know it sounds weak, but with her quick wits the ability is surprisingly great.



The plot is quite simple, unfortunately I can’t say because of spoilers. The story has intrigued me and the story is flowing nicely. Compared to other parts like three and four the story is more linear and doesn’t have any random episodes yet.

Jolyne’s gang contains Ermes and F.F. So far Ermes hasn’t got a chance to shine, although her stand will make for brilliant fights. F.F is surprisingly funny and quite an unexpected companion, even for a Joestar. The gang have been getting along so far and look like they will be a memorable group of friends by the end.

It has an episode I loved in particular. There was a stand that could place wagers, but if you lost you have to pay with something of equal value, which isn’t necessarily money. They end up throwing a baseball for the wager and if they don’t reach one hundred throws in a row they lose. I genuinely think only JoJo’s could make that a thrilling episode top watch. It’s very reminiscent of Jotaro’s poker game in part three.

Emporio, a young boy that is somehow in a women’s prison appears. It’s obvious that Emporio will be vital to the story. He has a tragic story, yet there’s more to him than meets the eye. We’ll have to wait to explore his story when more episodes are released. His stand is easily one of the most unique ion all of JoJo’s which is really saying something.


The music is amazing. Jolyne’s ost hypes me up as she fights her way through the prison. The battle music is on par with the other parts of JoJo’s. The sound effects are breath-taking. Emporio’s stand when in use reminds me of Dios stand. It’s astonishing how David Production do the sounds so perfectly. They make other worldly sounds feel naturally fitting for the stand.

Pucci seems to be a great villain in the making. His great voice acting and interesting motives have pulled me in, wanting to know more about him. JoJo’s always has amazing villains and Stone Ocean will be no different.

More to come

The last episode ends with so much left to explore. I really can’t wait for JoJo’s to continue. It’s likely another twelve episodes will come out around March 2022. Unfortunately nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Luke Maguire

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