ENCODYA Launches on Mobile

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Today, Assemble Entertainment, developer of Chaosmonger Studio, and publisher Assemble Entertainment announce the iOS/Android mobile release of ENCODYA. This award-winning point-and-click adventure in dystopian dystopia is now available for download. This visually stunning world is now available for purchase for  EUR9.99.

​The grim setting of Neo Berlin 2062 sees the city’s inhabitants clinging to the little faith they have. An unlikely hero emerges in a world ravaged by greed and turmoil.

The bittersweet story was first launched on Steam and GOG for PC. It follows Tina, a nine-year-old orphan who suddenly finds herself in charge of the fate of the entire world. The wholesome duo, which includes SAM-53 (a large, protective robot) must complete the mission her father began: liberating the dying megapolis from the control of the soulless corporations.

Tina and SAM53 travel across many realities filled with bizarre robot creatures and corrupt humans. They’ll discover the hidden conspiracies in plain sight through engaging dialogue and puzzles. ENCODYA captures Studio Ghibli’s magic and wonder, while embracing a Blade Runner-esque environment and atmosphere. This dystopian adventure is bittersweet and will show you what it’s like to fight for a life that matters.

ENCODYA’s Key Features Include:

  • Discover the dark cyberpunk world ENCODYA in 2.5D, with two playable characters Tina and SAM53
  • More than 34 eccentric NPCs bring ENCODYA’s world to life. They provide an exciting story in 100 different locations that offer endless opportunities to explore.
  • ENCODYA’s original soundtrack and professional voice actors make the excitement, crackling atmosphere even more tangible
  • ENCODYA, Chaosmonger Studios’ first title, launched on PC to overwhelming critical acclaim. It currently has a Steam rating of “Very Positive”.

About Assemble Entertainment

Assemble Entertainment was founded in 2016 in Wiesbaden (Germany). It is an independent game developer best known for its survival city-builder Endzone-A World Apart that challenges players to survive after an environmental apocalypse. The series also features the modernized Leisure Suit Larry series with two new entries.

Despite its short history, Assemble Entertainment won the German Developer Award twice in 2020 and 2021 in the category of “Best Publisher”. Assemble Entertainment hosts GermanDevDays every year in Frankfurt, Germany. This conference attracts over 1,100 participants from the German-speaking game development industry. GermanDevDays Indie Award is also offered. This award allows indie developers from Germany to compete in various categories for a chance to win cash prizes. Stefan Marcinek, founder and CEO of Assemble, hosts the event.

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