LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Recap

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One of the LEC’s most expected rosters, Team Vitality, earned its first win over Team BDS after closing up Week 1 with a distressing 0–3 score. Team BDS, who joined the LEC ahead of 2022 by purchasing Schalke’s franchise slot, kicked off the season as fans and analysts predicted.

The two former Schalke 04 players, LIMIT and NUCLEARINT, extended their contract with Team BDS as GrabbZ and Duffman joined the coaching team for 2022 Spring. The European organization completed its starting roster with Adam, one of the LEC’s featured rookies last year. Fans considered this restructured squad the weakest in the LEC, but it seems Team BDS will not give up without fighting.

Team Vitality secured its first win over Team BDS

After being slapped by MAD and Fnatic, Team Vitality found themselves in last place. Coming to the new week, Selfmade showed off he can dominate the match if Vitality keeps up with his aggressive early game style. Alphari established his lane kingdom against Adam, and Team BDS could not take any neutral objectives or turrets. Nautilus still seems like an ineffectual pick for pro stage, despite Thresh being trending in the current meta. Vitality ruled over the full game, and there was a noticeable talent gap between these two teams.

On the other hand, Fnatic is not intended to break its winning streak. After a magnificent 3–0 start to the league, Fnatic opened up Week 2 by taking down Astralis.

Rogue vs MAD lions

There was a rematch between MAD and Rogue, the two teams that faced off each other in the 2021 LEC Finals. Rogue showed they maintained their regular-season habits even though the departure of Inspired and Hans Sama. Malrang made a promising start to the league as Odoamne assumed the leadership role for his team. Rogue took its revenge on MAD, and it seems like they will compete against Fnatic to finish the regular season on the top.

LEC 2022 Spring Split Week 2 Results


  • Misfits Gaming 1 — 0 Excel
  • Astralis 0 — 1 Fnatic
  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 G2
  • Team Vitality 1 — 0 Team BDS
  • Rogue 1 — 0 MAD Lions


  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 Excel
  • MAD Lions 1 — 0 Astralis
  • Team BDS 0 — 1 Rogue
  • Misfits Gaming 0 — 1 Fnatic
  • Team Vitality 1 — 0 G2


In the opening match of day 2, Excel upset SK Gaming with an outstanding performance by Finn. The Swedish player returned to Europe after improving his gameplay in the LCS. Markoon and Finn overcame the expectations so far, but their mid-lane player, Nukeduck, needs to find his form.

Excel acquired Mikyx

Excel gained Mikyx, who parted ways with G2 at the end of a disappointing summer season. G2 Esports stated they would consider reasonable offers for Mikyx and Wunder before the 2022 Spring Split began. As of now, one of the best shot callers in Europe joined Excel to help them make their way to the playoffs.

Fnatic remained undefeated

Fnatic and Rogue had a perfect closing day, showed off the two European juggernauts’ dominant gameplay against MSF and Team BDS, respectively. Although they changed their starting roster, Fnatic and Rogue marked the season. Wunder still has the passion for being the best top lane player in the West. If FNC wants to hoist the trophy after three years, they have to stick to their game plan that lets Wunder show his skills. Furthermore, his game mind would be a threatening weapon for FNC on the way to the championship.

Match of the week: Team Vitality vs g2

Team Vitality, the super team of Europe, overpowered G2 in the most expected match of the week. After taking a clean victory over BDS, Vitality opened the season, indeed. Selfmade had an exceptional early game against Jankos while Alphari stood firm with Gangplank in the top lane.

On the flip side, Zyra picked for Targamas, but they could not control the bot lane. Carzzy finished the game with a scoreline of 5/0/6. Labrov helped VIT to take the global gold lead. The match-up between the two former teammates, Caps versus Perkz, expected to be rip-roaring, but it was dull.

Despite Perkz leading his team in the macro game, Caps looked like an average mid lane player throughout the match. Vitality closed the second week unbeaten as the bells started ringing for G2.

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