Halo – Series Episode 4 Review : Dull and Meandering

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The Halo TV series even though starting out strong has mostly remained as mostly very Dull. While replacing and changing may aspects of the original story line of Halo in this new “Silver Timeline“. A nd four episodes in i am bored and a bit irritated. The lore and the story has been changed and not for the good in my opinion. Before i continue i would say full Spoilers from here on.

*Spoilers from here*

And Episode four is one of the Dullest part of this story with most of our main characters just travelling to different locations. This is still an improvement over last week’s Episode which i did not even review. Personally i found nothing interesting about it. This episode just like last weeks feels like a filler. A filler which mainly exists to get our main characters to Halo. By the end of this episode they are closer to finding Halo. I mean this is kind of insane that we are 4 episodes in a 9 episodes Halo TV series. And they are still trying to find artifacts to find Halo.

The Parallelly boring storylines

The story as of now has spilt into 3 parallel plots and not one of them is something i find any intrigue in. And do feel some redundancies in them too.

The main storyline is with Halsey and Master Chief going to his original home planet. And Master chief remembering his childhood in order to bring back him memories to find the artifact which he found as a child. This as we all know is to find some unknown “weapon” they are all searching for.

This is the best part of the episode and it is mostly John roaming around remembering realizing that Halsey is not saying the full truth. Nothing much no big new revelations. But it does end with them withe artifact

Hsalo(M and H)
Master Chief and Halsey

The Second plot is the worst one in my opinion with Soren and Kwan trying to find the rebels. And help them fight and regroup. But this is foolish as most of the people are sacred of the Covenant and want the protection UNSC. Kwan is irritating here as her actions often get others massacred. Here stupidly trying to get others to help her in a time where it is near imposable with disregard for others lives is irritating. As she claims to do this for the rebels. And Soren is as done with as i was with her but unfortunately we all are stuck with her.

Soren and Kwan

The third plot line is ok and is about Spartan Kai removing her emotion supressing chip. And ending up deciphering the Covenant language with scientist Miranda Keyes as they finally realize that the Covenant are searching for something called the “Halo”. This is ok at best.

Spartan Kai


The Show is slow and not in a good way. As said 4 episodes in and we are still finding artifacts to locate Halo. The actors are great in their parts but the storytelling and script do not help them. I am watching out of morbid curiosity on how convoluted it can get for them to get to Halo unlike the games. Hopefully it gets better but i personally am not sure.



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