‘Spider-Man : No Way Home’ re-release : Is it better?

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Spider-Man: No Way Home was one of the most entertaining experiences in the past year. Certainly the best output from the MCU (Maybe be other than Wanda Vision). So in the past weekend the movie was re released.

Now titled as the “Spider-Man No way home:the more fun stuff version”. This version of the movie is around ten minutes longer. With a few additional scenes added. And to keep it short i dont think it is not really worth going back to the theaters. But it is not like the additions were bad, some are pretty good. So i will be going through few o the main addition to the movie in the article.

The additions

Spider-Man No way home Re-Release

So the first things which are noticeable is the fact that there are more scenes with Peter in the first half. Mostly dealing with the fact that his secret identity has been revealed. There is more conversation scenes in the school. These are mostly fun except for one part. Now there are way more scenes with Betty Brant and the School Television. They are charming but feel very padded on are not needed and were rightly removed from the theatrical release.

The main addition are gonna be three scenes in the second and third act. There is an additional scene fun but inconsequential scene with Charlie Cox as Happy’s Lawyer. The best scene is actually an extended version of the conversation between the three Spider-Men. This has some really good Jokes out of which are really good. The actors have great chemistry, i am kinda shocked that this was not in the original movie. Other than that the only notable addition was with a new post credits scenes. This scene replaces the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer from before. This Post credit scene shows how Peter is erased from everyone’s memory with the showing of old photos of the previous movies but with Peter obscured in some way.

So, with these addition the movie is not better but it’s not worse. If you are a huge fan of the movie i would say it’s worth rewatching it it. Few of the additions are great so ya. But it is nothing really new so look out for that. Do check our original Spider-Man: No Way Home Review by Luke Maguire back when it it released.


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