Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoiler-Free Review

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This is the best Spider-Man film yet. Tom Holland truly put his all into this role and it pays off. This is a spoiler-free review, so feel free to read it if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Spider-Man swings back into cinemas with its latest installment. The film picks off right where the last one left off. After Mysterio had revealed Peters’s secret identity to the world, we see how Peter struggles with the constant attention. Even Ned and M.J are being treated differently for knowing Spider-Man and it affects their lives negatively. With Peter and his friends’ lives being changed for the worst at a rapid pace, he goes to Doctor Strange to find a way to fix it.

As Strange tries to fix the problem, Peter messes up his spell. This then reveals to us, villains from the multiverse. We see Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Sandman, and the Lizard. The villains have a good amount of screen time and have surprisingly good chemistry. They often joked together making them almost feel like friends.

Now that all of the villains have entered Peter’s universe, he has to deal with the overwhelming power of these bad guys. There are great references to the past, with villains recollecting what had happened or even just mid-conversation saying a classic line.

The villains were certainly the hook for this film and they didn’t disappoint. Green Goblin stands out in this installment. Willem Dafoe sent chills down my spine with his unbelievable performance as Green Goblin. Electro is so much better this time around in comparison to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I think Sandman was the weakest link. He wasn’t bad at all, however, his motivation of seeing his daughter again felt as if he could have sided with Peter rather than the villains. From when he first appeared on screen he didn’t want to be a ‘bad guy’ and never showed any urge to be evil. Doc Ock was fantastic and the Lizard was quite decent.

CGI as expected is out of this world. The fight scenes were choreographed well and really showed Spider-Man’s various fighting styles against different villains. The cinematography was high quality, especially the web-swinging segments.

There are a number of great lines, particularly in the subtle comedic areas. All the characters have great lines, even Ned’s grandmother made the audience laugh. Doctor Strange was also in the film more than I had expected, which I was pleased with. Doctor Strange is a great counter to Peter’s beliefs. Even though they are together as companions you can feel the tension between them.

No Way Home deals with heavier themes than before. Tom Holland represents Spider-Man perfectly. He shows all the struggles Spider-Man endures and completes Peter’s coming-of-age arc. It felt like in Homecoming he was still a child (which he was), yet this film really has him grow up into Spider-Man. It’s almost flawless.

The only place it really could have improved was the depth of the villains, although with five of them on-screen, I understand why they couldn’t focus too much on each of them.

Luke Maguire


This is easily one of the best movies Marvel has produced and one of the best superhero films ever. This is the quality movie Spider-Man deserves for his greatness and he is being done justice here. It is a must-see. I would recommend this movie to absolutely anyone. Also, be sure to stay around for the credits as there are two ending scenes!

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