The Shore Review: A Lovecraftian Experience (Spoiler Free)

Your eyes open to blue skies streaked with pale, wispy clouds. Your fingers sink into black volcanic sand loosened by waves lashing up onto the beach, and a lonely gull crying in accompaniment to the water’s surge. The shore is…


What They Got Right: Science in Media

When it comes to writing, or directing, or game development, reality can kind of… get in the way. It’s easier to just assume people won’t really realize that some things work certain ways. Sometimes these are big plot points, or…

Kid Cosmic: An Incredibly Clever Ode to Sci-Fi

“Carmen Sandiego” is over. “Hilda” is still waiting to be greenlit for a third season. Yet amongst this chaos, a new hero emerges to fill the void left behind. I am, of course, talking about “Kid Cosmic”. Created by Craig…

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