WandaVision: The Perfect Setup for MCU Phase Four

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WandaVision, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first television show is the brilliant set up for Phase Four of the MCU. The dreamy world of Wanda Maximoff may have been the main focus, but the set up for the next few movies are in the details, setting the foundation for Phase Four.

And while WandaVision may not have introduced the next big baddie, the show accomplished much more. Making it the perfect building block for Phase Four of the MCU.

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What WandaVision Accomplished

WandaVision gave Wanda Maximoff the proper outlet to grieve. Finally letting her let out her pain, making her able to move on from certain events. She now has the strength to carry on with her life. Her emotional strength is a big step in her development and helped unlock her full potential.

Wanda Maximoff is now officially the Scarlet Witch. Having unlocked the full extent of her powers in the Series Finale. She is now the most powerful sorceress in the MCU, surpassing The Sorcerer Supreme. How she will fit into Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still a mystery, but the post-credit scene may be a hint.

In the post credit scene the Scarlet Witch is looking for answers to her powers and the multiverse when she hears her twins, Tommy and Billy call out for her. This most likely will lead directly to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Speaking of the multiverse. WandaVision has now opened the door to other realities. From the pocket universe that Wanda created and the possibility of fake Pietro being Peter Maximoff from Fox’s X-Men universe. As well as the mention of Nexus beings.

WandaVision also set up the building blocks for the MCU Phase 4’s other movies. With a link to Captain Marvel 2 with Monica Rambeau and her newly formed powers that developed through Wanda’s hex. Along with a connection to the Secret Invasion TV series.

Lastly, WandaVision found a way to bring the real Vision back to life. However, as to where this leads is still a mystery.

Being that WandaVision is a TV show and not a movie, it accomplished far more then first thought. After compleation of the show and thinking about it, putting the fan theories aside, it is clear that WandaVision is a brilliant setup for bigger things to come, in all parts of the MCU.

Disney’s Lineup 4 For MCU Phase 4

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+

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