LCS 2022 Summer: Week 6 Recap

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2022 League Championship Series is in full swing, with week six of the regular season having hosted plenty of marquee matchups between the top teams. Evil Geniuses maintained their place on the top of the LCS table thanks to their consistent performance against Immortals and Fly Quest as 100 Thieves followed the defending champion from behind with two clean victories over the bottom teams, Dignitas and Immortals.

Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9, on the other hand, are another two mid-pack teams to have secured a perfect week against their respective opponents. They are now tied in third place ahead of Team Liquid, competing against each other to claim the better rank before the season heads to the playoff stage. For those who had no time to watch the games, here is the recap of week 6 of the 2022 LCS Summer Split.

Evil Geniuses had a decent lead against the other teams when they took their job seriously in the first-round robin. However, this lead gave way to panic as the reigning champion lost some vital games heading to the playoffs. Having been bested by 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses had to win their week six matches to stay on top of the leaderboard. Fortunately, Team Liquid were not strong enough to trip them in a bo1 series. Evil Geniuses could suffocate the game away from TL with the help of their carry player, Berserker. He completed the game with a superior 8/0/6 scoreline as he led his team in the early game by bringing numerous advantages with Kalista’s lane pressure.

Team Liquid Have To Recover Until The Playoffs

Team Liquid had no chance to drop any game to finish the regular season away from the mid-pack. However, given their disjointed fashion throughout the season, it does not seem possible for now. Aside from Team Liquid having a role distribution problem among the team, the coaching staff does not know how to fix it. Relying on Bjergsen, a veteran player who returned to the pro division after months, to reach the championship is not what the organization intended when they first formed this starting roster.

100 Thieves is undoubtedly better than they were in the spring, making the league more fun to watch with some teams like Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming. The only problem that 100 Thieves had in the early weeks was the uncertainty in their game plan. However, it was clear that Closer would lead his team in the macro game and decide when to fight. This also made 100 Thieves predictable as the other teams attacked Closer’s champion pool in the pick-ban screen. Now, it looks like the problem was gone, and FBI or Abbedagge can take the responsibility when their team needs it most. 100 Thieves stood in second place behind Evil Geniuses, having annihilated Dignitas and Immortals in a dominant fashion.

Week seven of the 2022 LCS Summer will kick off with decisive games between the top teams. 100 Thieves will take on Cloud9 with the hopes of capturing the first place, while Evil Geniuses will square up against Team Liquid in the rematch. You can watch all the games on the official LCS Twitch channel.

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