6 mobile games that you Need to Play ASAP

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If there was a video games console tier list, mobile games would probably be way down but perhaps higher than Stadia. And it’s easy to understand the stigma. After all, at the time this article is being written, the hate towards Diablo Immortal is stronger than the possibility of getting Half-Life 3. And that game is FREE and is mobile, which are supposedly the 2 worst things ever combined. But mobile games are actually good! There’s more out there than gacha games but amazing experiences that could very well entertain you for a while. So let’s talk about 6 mobile games that you NEED to play ASAP.

Genshin Impact

You can’t go any bigger than playing Genshin Impact on your phone. The biggest RPG-gacha game at the moment, Genshin Impact takes you on a journey in the world of Teyvat while you look for your lost sibling. Despite being better to play on PC, it still holds a place as a mobile game with its fun gameplay and relatively easy controls. So far, the game has been a monumental success and it’s one of the experiences you can live from your phone…if you have the space available to download.

Pokemon GO

The first days when Pokemon GO debuted, is probably the closest mankind has been from world peace. People going outside, excited to see their favorite creatures come to life and catch them. Gathering with friends and together look out for your most wanted Pokemons. It was perfect, but sadly, the game wasn’t prepared to make players stick with it. Nowadays, the game has a Trade system, PVP battles, Raids, weekly and monthly events and many more. It’s the game that should have been when it was released but despite its age, it’s an amazing game to have on your phone.

Call of Duty Mobile

Are you a huge fan of Shooters? Or maybe just a Call of Duty fan? Then be ready, because if you didn’t know, CoD has a mobile game. And it’s just as heavy in action and PVP as the previously known console games. Of course, like any gacha game, it’s F2P and you’ll find microtransactions in it. But if you want a quick round of shooting to entertain yourself, Call of Duty Mobile is the right game for you.

Jetpack Joyride

The hype is real and even after 10 years of its release, Jetpack Joyride is still going strong. Tag along as you control a guy with a jetpack, evading several obstacles while crossing a super long room and aim for the highest points to claim cosmetic rewards. Honestly, the game shines thanks to its pumped, exciting music. And the gameplay doesn’t stay behind. It’s a great game to pass the time by, no attachment, only casual, relaxing fun.

Stardew Valley

You just inherited your grandpa’s farm! And it’s time to move outside the city and work the land in Stardew Valley. At this point it’s surprising to find people who don’t know this game. And boy it’s so good! It’s what Harvest Moon should have been for a very long time and couldn’t even reach half of its excitement. Relax and create your farm as you see fit, while you discover a lot of secrets and make friends along the way. A great game to just pop out and play for a very long time. You won’t see the end of it and that’s what makes it great.

Among Us

Welcome to the lie simulator! Join the game with friends and together discover the Impostor between your ranks. But hurry up! Before all your team is dead. Will you see through the deception and lies? Try it out and discover how good you are getting off the hook. It’s amazing how someone can make a huge difference with something so little. That happened with Among Us, a game that some influencers began playing and it quickly became a phenomenon. It’s super fun! But it may not be as quick as the others. If you want to play the most out of it, a bit of organization and friends available is required. But boy it’s amusing!

While these are some of the best games to play on mobile, there are still many more out there, either waiting to be discovered or talked about. So if you liked this list, leave a comment! And if you have any ideas for the next part, also share them down below. Before you go, check out more articles here at FictionTalk by clicking here!

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