LCK 2022 Summer – Week 3 Results

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T1 are no longer the team that have the longest undefeated run in the pro stage, as Kwangdong Freecs ended their phenomenal streak with a convincing 2-1 victory on last week’s Wednesday. The legendary organization captured the best winning streak since the beginning of the spring split. However, the day has come to put an end to this never-before-seen performance in recent history. Kwangdong Freecs stepped up to sacrifice themselves for this cause, and they accomplished it.


  • LSB 2 – 1 DRX
  • KDF 2 – T1


  • BRO 1 – 2 HLE
  • NS 0 – 2 GEN


  • KT 0 – 2 DK
  • DRX 0 – 2 T1


  • LSB 2 – 0 BRO
  • KDF 0 – 2 GEN


  • DK 2 – 0 NS
  • KT 2 – 0 HLE

Kwangdong Freecs vs T1

It seemed like in the previous weeks that T1 were not in a good shape to maintain their winning streak. Although they trounced DWG KIA with a sheer performance, the reigning champion kicked off the summer one step behind GEN. However, it could not prevent T1 from securing victories one by one. Until their loss against KDF, T1 stood at the top of the standings with four wins. The Korean juggernaut was still standing firm while taking them down looked like a suicide mission for average teams.

Kwangdong Freecs had to try something new to take T1 out of their comfort zone. Being aware of that protected KDF mentally from destruction. After trying out Ornn in mid-lane against Azir resulted in an inevitable loss, KDF stuck to their composition and changed its limp sides for the second game. Ornn was replaced by Swain while Kayle left her place to Gangplank to build a stronger late game composition. As a result, Kwangdong Freecs pulled off two consecutive wins over the defending champion, marking their most valuable victory in the organization’s history.

GEN found the correct formula

GEN captured another perfect week led by Chovy, carrying them to the top of the standings. They stand on the throne with a 6-game winning streak as of the third week. GEN looked to have improved their communication, catching a synergy between veterans. They now set their sights on their match against T1, which is slated to play on Friday. It will be a thrilling match-up that could define the best team in the league. Even though it is early to assume that at this stage, regular season appearances would not change dramatically in the playoffs.

Damwon KIA, DRX, and Liiv SANDBOX tied in third place with 4-2, taking the advantage for their playoff spot. After having a nightmare in the previous week, DWG secured two pivotal wins over KT and NS. They are on the heels of T1 and GEN to find an opportunity to get them behind in the standings. On the flip side, KDF, KT, and NS are struggling to save the day in an attempt to clinch their spot in the playoffs.

Week 4 the LCK 2022 Summer will kick off on Wednesday with a jaw-dropping series between NS and KT. DWG will go up against DRX to make a statement while GEN will take on T1 to take their revenge. You can find the full schedule on Lolesports‘ official website.

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