LCK 2022 Summer- Week 2 Results

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One of the best weeks of the year in the League Championship Korea is now left behind, with T1 and GEN securing their position on top of the standings while DRX punching the first place with an excellent 89% win rate. DWG, on the other hand, closed out the week 0-2, having been defeated by T1 and GEN on their first clash in the regular season. There are also teams like Nongshim RedForce that put things in their way by pulling off two consecutive wins over Kwangdong Freecs and Hanwha Life Esports.

Wednesday / June 22

  • GEN 2 — 1 DWG
  • BRO 2 — 0 KT

Thursday / June 23

  • KDF 0 — 2 NS
  • LSB 0 — 2 T1

Friday / June 24

  • HLE 1 — 2 DRX
  • BRO 0 — 2 GEN

Saturday / June 25

  • DK 0 — 2 T1
  • LSB 2 — 0 KT

Sunday / June 26

  • HLE 1 — 2 NS
  • DRX 2 — 0 KDF

GEN, DRX, and T1 are still undefeated!

League Championship Korea provides plenty of rip-roaring series, with at least two games happening from Wednesday to Sunday. Week 2 of the summer split saw DRX preserving their undefeated run against KDF and HLE. On the flip side, GEN and T1 made quick work on their opponents, having annihilated Damwon KIA to remind them they are still the favorites for the title. Fans got what exactly they wanted from these juggernauts. Watching them clash for the first place in the standings gave us a whirlwind of excitement.

GEN deserved credit for the first two weeks because they learned from their mistakes well. It is obvious that the team worked hard to polish their gameplay, improving the communication among players. While we were watching GEN, it seemed easily they could go after each other without a doubt. Being sharp both in the macro and micro game was what GEN needed to take down T1 in the spring. This time GEN will take on the reigning champion with their upgraded version that can read the game and take action in an attempt to overwhelm their opponents.

Nongshim RedForce is back on the game

Nongshim RedForce, who started the summer season in the worst possible form, turned things around with two vital victories against Hanwha Life and Kwangdong Freecs. Led by veteran mid laner, Bdd, Nongshim were expected to be a contender for the top four places when this starting roster was first formed, but it was a disastrous spring for the organization. Nongshim will not allow the summer season to be the same, somehow clinching their spot in the playoffs. First, they have to get stability for the rest of the regular season.

Some thrilling match-ups on Week 3 are fast- approaching, as T1 will go up against another undefeated team like they are, DRX. It will also be fun to see Bdd will compete against his former team under a different team band. Chovy against Bdd would be a jaw-dropping match-up you do not want to miss. You can head to the LCK’s Twitch channel to watch all the previous games mentioned below if you were busy on weekdays.

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