Star Ocean: The Divine Force Will Release On October 27

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For those who have been waiting to get their hands on Star Ocean: The Divine Force, let’s start the day with a piece of good news. Square Enix has announced that the hotly anticipated action role-playing title, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, will come out for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on October 27. In addition to the release date trailer, the publisher revealed a plethora of details about characters, combat, and story, giving a general idea of what to expect from the upcoming thriller.

Players who pre-purchase the game on Steam will receive some rewards at its launch. Pre-purchase offer includes a weapon called Greatsword for Raymond, dual blades for Laeticia, and pawns which you can use in mini-games placed on Star Ocean: The Divine Force. There is also a digital deluxe edition of the game, featuring soundtracks and downloadable packs. You can head to its Steam store page to learn all the details about the offerings.

Build up your story, make your choices wisely!

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a single-player, action RPG with an immersive story in which all the decisions players will make will affect the course of it in different ways. As you can expect from an RPG title, dialogues, mutual connections, and deep character narratives will take a crucial role in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. According to the developer team, players will take on the role of dual protagonists Raymond and Laeticia. Being able to move in 360┬░degrees will make roaming much more fun.

Players can fly around the skies and explore its enchanting venues without limitations. Star Ocean: The Divine Force will let you discover, roam, interact, or battle whenever you want. It has always been important for players to find a space where they can do whatever they want so that they can feel satisfied with the game. And it looks like Star Ocean: The Divine Force will provide this freedom, along with a fast-paced, thrilling combat system.

Being developed by tri-Ace, Star Ocean: The Divine Force will have six language support, including English, French, Japanese, and Korean. The official system requirements for PC have yet to be announced, but you can expect them to reveal in the coming weeks. You can also find the reveal trailer released by the publisher below.

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