Sea of Stars is delayed until 2023

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Sabotage Studio has announced that Sea of Stars, a hotly anticipated turn-based RPG, is delayed to 2023 due to the developer team needing additional time to polish the game before it entirely launches.

The announcement was made via the studio’s official Twitter account, stating they can understand how fans feel disappointed with this delay, but it will be worth waiting until 2023 to experience the best possible version of Sea of Stars. You can read the full announcement shared by Sabotage Studio below.

As we are closing in on a very big milestone the road to launch becomes clearer, and we find ourselves here with a large body of text and our logos at the bottom. Keeping in mind our two main priorities – the quality of life for our team and quality of the finished game – we can now confirm that Sea of Stars will be released in 2023.

We understand waiting is a big ask, and want to sincerely thank our community for the overwhelming support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking at options to get a playable slice out to everyone this year.”

Sea of Stars was first planned for a release in the Spring of 2022, but players will have to wait an additional six months to get their hands on the RPG. The decision of delay may sound like there is something wrong with the development process, however; fans are better assume that Sabotage will consume this time with fixing bugs, making final polishes, reinforcing RPG elements, and making sure it will have enchanting pixel graphics.

Define your strategy, make unpredictable moves

Sea of Stars is a turn-based, strategic role-playing game with an immersive story and captivating pixel art. The upcoming classic-inspired game will offer well-designed combat, allowing players to take down their enemies with fast combo attacks and powerful spells. Whoever gets on your way throughout the story will set their sights on you to answer back your strategic moves. It also makes the combat much more engaging than you think.

Players can swim, run, climb, and roam to discover its charming, colorful world,  being designed by the same team behind The Messenger. According to the Sabotage Studio, to deliver Sea of Stars in its planned time, they ramped up the team to 23 workers located in Canada. Players can also keep themselves busy with fishing, cooking, and listening to the stories told by the other characters that they will encounter throughout their journey.

Once and for all, there are three playable characters named Valere, The Moon Girl, Zale, The Sun Boy, and Garl, The Warrior-Cook. Each character will have an original narrative and will give you a different experience as you would expect from an RPG title.

Sea of Stars will launch for Switch and PC via Steam. You can add the game to your wishlist on its store page. Let’s hope this delay will help the dev team to reach their goals.

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