Fallen Angel Gets A Switch Release Date

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Fallen Angel is making its way to the Switch platform on July 19, developer Matrioshka Games officially announced. The 2D action role-playing game was first released for PC back in 2020. After two years of longing for Nintendo fans, they will finally get their hands on Fallen Angel three weeks later.

It was also confirmed that the Switch version of Fallen Angel will feature ‚ÄúTurbo” and “Punishment” modes that make your gameplay more entertaining and creative with an altered speed and stronger enemies. Bosses in Punishment mode are also harder to kill and escape, compelling you to be more careful than in regular mode.

do not compromise your determination!

Fallen Angel is a fast-paced, action RPG in which players will show off their combat skills in long-running battles and stiff boss fights. Inspired by biblical Apocrypha, Fallen Angel blends the modern RPG style and character development to offer a unique indie game experience. According to the dev team, the game will take you to plenty of enchanting realms filled with deadly creatures. Fighting against bloodthirsty monsters and cleaning up valleys, plains, ruins, islands, and high-tech constructs from threats will be rewarded.

Players will be able to upgrade their characters and weapons to define their playstyles. You will have to find Archangels, who rule over the army of Heaven and kill them to empower yourself for the next one. Boss fights will require attention because each Archangels have a different attack style, timing, and special powers. By choosing from a wide array of weapons, you will need to prove yourself against enemies that have unpredictable moves to reach the end of the story.

Fallen Angel will be coming to Switch on the 19th of July. The top-down ARPG is also available to play on Steam for $7.49 with a 50% discount. If you want to experience its fast-paced combat on your hand console, you have to wait for three weeks until it launches.

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