Square Enix Announces Harvestella For PC And Switch

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Square Enix has announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini event that its life-simulation, role-playing game with the colorful art style, Harvestella, will launch for PC and Switch on November 4. In addition to the announcement trailer and first in-game screenshots, which you can find below, the publisher provided more details about the characters, story, combat system, and simulation elements that will shape your gameplay.

Harvestella is a role-playing, life simulation game with a vast and chirping world. Until Quietus embark on your world called the Seaslight, everyone living in peace will feel the death in their heart. Quietus is a catastrophe threatening all lives on your planet, rotting the crops to leave their victims with hunger. Its visit time is getting longer each year, and inhabitants must overcome Quietus to survive. According to the developer team, players will be free to interact with villagers to learn their stories and undertake quests which will receive useful rewards when they complete. Setting up mutual relationships through effective dialogues is what you expect to see from an RPG game.

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You as the protagonist will be a traveler who aims to protect people from the destruction of Quietus and monsters that came up to eradicate humankind. Aria, Asyl, and Shrika will accompany you on your journey, and they will have different occupations that can be useful for the team. For instance, Aria is a scientist delving into the mystery of Quietus, while Shrika is a missionary who could survive thanks to her determination and discipline.

Players will be able to grow vegetables, fruits, and grains in their daily life. Planting, harvesting, and shipping will take on a crucial role to making your soil fertile. After collecting what you planted, you can cook them to have a banquet with your comrades. Also, you can craft items that you will probably use on your journey. Crafted items will give you different powers and boosts, helping you restore your HP after a fierce battle.

There are also a plethora of dungeons in the game, calling you to explore it and meet new characters. You can also go on expeditions in the ocean by obtaining a submarine. Harvestella is set to deliver entertaining combat, detailed life-simulation elements, and an array of enemies to encounter.

Harvestella is now open for pre-order on Steam for $59.99. The upcoming life-sim adventure, role-playing game will release on November 4 for PC and Switch.

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