T1 Maintain Their Win Streak Against Damwon KIA

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LCK fans were getting excited for the hotly anticipated rematch between the defending champion, T1, and Damwon KIA, who garnered attention in the offseason, having upgraded their roster with the return of Nuguri. On top of that, everyone expected these two beloved teams to deliver a nail-biter series as they did on their latest match-up. In conclusion, fans had what they desired even though the series has come to an end with only two games. It would be super exciting to watch a do-or-die match between T1 and Damwon; however, the reigning champion proved again that they are still the undefeated king of the League Championship Korea.

It would be a tough week for Damwon KIA as the former LCK champion was going up against GEN and T1, currently the best two teams in the league. Their first clash against GEN did not go well for DWG, losing to their close rivals in the third game. Somehow they could make up for their loss today. However, it would be a suicide mission for them as T1 were intent on maintaining their win streak.

DWG made a good start to the series

Damwon KIA kicked off the series better than they thought, as they found a winning match-up for Nuguri to increase his impact on the top side. The early stage of the game was going acceptably for DWG, as they took the vision control on the top side of the map, allowing Nuguri to demolish his lane against Zeus.

T1, on the other hand, picked up dragons not to give a winning chance to DWG towards the late game. To clarify, T1 knew their limits in the late phase because they had a classic composition built around Xayah as hyper carry. Zeus will not be involved for a while, given the pressure he has been under in the early stage. Keria left his mark on the first game by creating alternative ways to lead his team to victory. At the 31st minute mark, T1 destroyed the opposite nexus before the match went on to the late stage.

Zeus changed the rules of the game

The second match of the series saw T1 taking the lead on the top side, preventing DWG from ruining Zeus’ game as they did before. This time the Camille-Lee Sin duo worked efficiently to nullify Nocturne in the early stage. T1 were in the driver’s seat towards the mid game, capturing all neutral objectives and towers to raise the gold gap. DWG were struggling to take vision on the river, considering unexpected moves, but T1 did not give them that space. In the same minute as in the previous game, T1 closed out the series with a shattering performance that intimidates GEN for the coming weeks.

Damwon KIA will take on Nongshim RedForce in the upcoming week after seeking an uplifting win against KT Rolster. T1, on the flip side, will make its debut against Kwangdong Freecs before trying to protect their phenomenal run against third seed DRX. You can watch all the regular-season matches on the LCK’s official Twitch channel.

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