LPL 2022 Summer – Week 3 Recap

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The 2022 LPL Summer Split is in full swing, delivering plenty of nail-bitter match-ups in the third week of the regular season. We are bearing down on another week that could give some of us a heart attack with its up and downs, surprising results, excellent records, and action-packed games. Here is the recap of what happened throughout the week in the League of Legends Pro League.

JD Gaming should be mentioned first when start talking about the summer season. They are currently in a monster shape that all other teams could not defeat as of the third week. JD Gaming extended their winning streak to five series, having rolled over Oh My God and Ultra Prime, respectively. Their win rate in their first fourteen games stands at 71%, making them the second team with the best win rate behind Victory Five, the only other undefeated team in the league. It looks as though JDG intends to clinch their spot at the World Championship with their new bot lane duo, Hope and Missing.

Here are the full results for week 3 of the LPL 2022 Summer


  • Oh My God 1 — 2 JD Gaming
  • Ultra Prime 2 — 1 Rare Atom


  • Victory Five 2 — 0 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Royal Never Give Up 2 — 1 Weibo Gaming


  • Invictus Gaming 1 — 2 Edward Gaming
  • Top Esports 2 — 1 Bilibili Gaming


  • Anyone’s Legends 0 — 2 LGD Gaming
  • ThunderTalk Gaming 2 — 0 Team WE


  • Oh My God 2 — 1 LNG Esports
  • JD Gaming 2 — 1 Ultra Prime


  • Rare Atom 1 — 2 Weibo Gaming
  • FunPlus Phoenix 1 — 2 Top Esports
  • Victory Five 2 — 1 Royal Never Give Up


  • Invictus Gaming 1 — 2 Anyone’s Legend
  • Edward Gaming 2 — 1 Bilibili Gaming

Victory Five beat royal never give up

Victory Five is the other team that went unbeaten for the first three weeks. Although they played one less series than JDG, Victory Five dropped only one game until now. It has to be indicated that this loss came up against the defending League and MSI champion, Royal Never Give Up. Victory Five’s not succumbing to the top-tier teams is an achievement that we can describe as new for this beloved team. Rookie set his sights on the title while the remaining teams do not look as sharp as they are. Making it to the playoffs from this stage will not be difficult for JDG; however, they will have to be better on their way to the trophy than they were in the spring playoffs.

Royal Never Give Up closed out the third week with a non-surprising loss against Victory Five. We are used to seeing them bounce back from the second half of the regular season. So, the reigning champion might be taking it slow in the beginning. RNG are expected to be the favorite in the playoff stage, and they will show their best to secure their spot at Worlds.

TES will be better than ever!

Top Esports tied in third place with an encouraging score of 4W 1L, chasing V5 and JDG from right behind. The Chinese team trounced FunPlus Phoenix, having defeated BLG with sheer performance. Maybe you remember TES somehow made their way to the grand finals in the spring season, losing to RNG in an intense five-game series due to their lack of experienced players. Even though TES retained their starting roster, it will be an upgraded version of them that we will watch during the playoffs.

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