HIGH ON LIFE Will Release On October 25

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A brand new first-person shooter game with a biopunk theme from Squanch Games, HIGH ON LIFE, is due out on October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. The developer team released a short trailer that gives an idea of what to expect from the upcoming comedic adventure game. HIGH ON LIFE will also be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch.

HIGH ON LIFE has been confusing players since it was first announced. The game will be trying to combine different aspects of its counterparts. The most notable thing to be mentioned about HIGH ON LIFE is the game will be the latest project of Justin Roliand, who is best known for his excellent work on one of the most popular TV series of all time, Rick and Morty. He will likely bring HIGH ON LIFE a high level of creativity and authenticity considering his previous works.

Sail to another planets, save your brothers!

Players will take on the role of a hero that aims to protect the world from alien invasion. You and your team will embark on a new journey across the cosmos, traveling to different locations to spread your name. HIGH ON LIFE will take place in a colorful, science-fiction world in which talking guns called Gattliens will accompany you on your adventure filled with alien threats. Yes, your weapon will be able to talk and give you their opinions on crucial moments to help you make better decisions.

These talking guns with odd faces will also have unique skills and personalities. So choose your words wisely while interacting with your comrade because you will need them on your side to save humanity. Players also can revisit all planets that they have landed before for collectibles. There are also in-game resources that will help you to upgrade your character to be the cruelest hunter of the cosmos.

HIGH ON LIFE will launch on October 25 for the next generation consoles and PC. You can watch the short trailer released by Squanch Games below.

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