LEC 2022 Summer Week 2 Results

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Excel and Rogue are the only two teams that went undefeated on week 2 of the LEC 2022 Summer. In addition to that, all teams managed to put a number on their winning line, which also caused clustering in the middle ranks.

Every team set their sights on the top, looking for a remarkable run to raise the gap before it is too late. The first two weeks of the regular season of the 2022 Summer signaled that teams would be in an intense competition for the playoffs. Here are the full results for the last two days in the League European Championship:

  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 Misfits Gaming
  • Excel 1 — 0 MAD Lions
  • Rogue 1 — 0 Astralis
  • G2 Esports 1 — 0 Team Vitality
  • Team BDS 0 — 1 Fnatic

From what we have seen in the first week, Excel will be a contender for the top place. In their match against MAD Lions, Excel showed off their domination from start to finish. MAD Lions decided to make up a mid-late-game composition while Excel focused on lane pressure to finish the game before it went on to the late phase.

Excel wiped out the former champion, having captured 18 kills in just 21 minutes. With this clean win on their fourth regular-season match, Excel climbed up the ranks in the standings at the end of the week.

Rogue vs Astralis

After a shaky start to the league in the last week, Rogue bounced back to treat their opponents for the rest of the season. It can be said Astralis were the favorite coming into this match-up given their astonishing performance on the opening week; however, Rogue proved they are still one of the best regular-season teams in Europe.

Trymbi is the crucial part of the team that diversifies Rogue’s game plan. This time beloved support picked Soraka against Pyke to prevent him from making extra moves by using his mobility. Meanwhile, all Rogue had to do was keep up with their scaling comp built around Senna and Azir. Abstaining from risky moves and sticking to the strategy could lead Rogue to victory unless there were abnormal things.

The plan worked like a wheel from start to finish, taking them to the late stage. Even though Rogue could not take the control of neutral objectives due to their compositional disadvantages, stealing rift heralds from Astralis carried them beyond the 30th minute. This was because Astralis failed to speed up the game, allowing their opponent to scale.

G2 overpowered Team Vitality

G2 Esports made up for their mistakes after facing a shocking loss against Team BDS on the first day. The defending champion showed off two unusual picks for the pro stage, not for them, Kayle and Yasuo. When your team prefers Kayle in top lane, you also make it clear that you are aiming for the late game. With this in mind, Vitality had to take G2 under pressure in the early phase to finish the game.

However, VIT went for Gangplank and Xayah, which does not coincide with the strategy they need to implement. G2 Esports were in the driver’s seat towards the mid-game, which meant for Rogue that the game was over. They had a better team fight comp, and the reigning champion was up in terms of map control, gold gap, dragons, and towers. All of these combined to cause VIT’s defeat as G2 Esports secured their third win ahead of week 4.

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