LEC 2022 Summer: Excel Squeeze Fnatic, G2 Trounce Rogue

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The second day of the first superweek of the 2022 LEC Summer has concluded with the defending champion, G2 Esports, taking down Rogue while Excel astonishing Fnatic with a sensible draft strategy. G2 kicked off the summer season with two consecutive victories over Astralis and Rogue, while Excel punished Fnatic’s brave picks such as Draven and LeBlanc. Here are the full results for day 2 of the first week in the regular season.

  • Team BDS 0 — 1 Astralis
  • SK Gaming 0 — 1 MAD Lions
  • Team Vitality 1 — 0 Misfits Gaming
  • Fnatic 0 — 1 Excel
  • G2 Esports 1 — 0 Rogue

The remaining schedule for the first is as follows:

  • Misfits Gaming vs Astralis
  • Team Vitality vs Team BDS
  • SK Gaming vs Fnatic
  • G2 Esports vs Excel
  • MAD Lions vs Rogue

MAD Lions could easily beat SK Gaming in a match where Nisqy dominated the macro game with his unexpected Swain pick on mid lane. Armut, on the other hand, showed all the efficiency MAD needed to dictate the game. UNFORGIVEN also got used to his teammates after a shaky spring season for him.

Team BDS and SK Gaming are under criticism due to their inferior performance in the first week. Both teams tremendoulsy underperformed in these games, and they did not look promising for the future. Misfits Gaming were expected to be better than they were in the previous season. However, if things get out of hand for MSF, we may even see them fail to qualify for the playoffs.

Team Vitality secured their first regular-season win over Misfits Gaming thanks to an astounding performance by Alphari and Haru. As weeks pass away, the LEC’s superteam on paper, can turn things in their favor. It should not be forgotten that they still have one of the greatest players in LOL competitive history, Perkz, and the best laner, Alphari, no matter how they looked until now.

Finn and Nisqy are better than ever!

Finn is another player who started playing better after returning to Europe from North America along with Nisqy. The difference in competition between these two leagues also has an impact on this. Excel made an excellent start to the regular season with the help of Finn on top lane.

In their match against Fnatic, Patrik picked Kalista to use her lane power against Draven, while Nukeduck instantly locked Lissandra as a counter pick for LeBlanc. As expected, Excel were in the driver’s seat throughout the match. Fnatic could not stand any longer when the composition difference showed itself towards the late game.

There are still five games left until the superweek is over. G2 Esports will look for a perfect week against Excel, which will not be as easy as they think. MAD Lions will close out the week against Rogue, while Fnatic will take on SK Gaming. You can watch the remaining matches on the official LEC Twitch channel.

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