VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers – FPX Secure Their Spot at Stage 2 Masters

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Fnatic became the first team to qualify for the grand finals after taking down Guild Esports in yesterday’s upper bracket finals. VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers is back with playoff competition after a long, five-day break. FunPlus Phoenix and M3 Champions battled it out to secure their spot at Stage 2 Masters, which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, next month.

It was FunPlus Phoenix who survived in the hell bracket, making their way to the second international tournament of the year after missing Stage 1 Masters- Reykjavik due to travel restrictions caused by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. M3 Champions, on the other hand, will be looking for a strong comeback after making some roster changes if deemed necessary.

Fnatic, Guild, and FunPlus Phoenix Qualified for Masters 2 Copenhagen

With FunPlus Phoenix dismantling M3 Champions yesterday, all teams that will represent the EMEA region in Stage 2 Masters have been determined. Fnatic, Guild, and FPX will participate in the upcoming Masters tournament to write their stories.

Acend, Team Liquid, and M3 Champions will have to wait for the next qualifiers to compensate for their poor performance. They have a lot to improve even though their starting rosters are made up of competent players.

Fnatic vs Guild

Fnatic met Guild Esports in the upper bracket to take the final step for the grand finals. Having already secured their spot in Stage 2 Masters, both teams were expected to provide an action-packed series, given their previous appearances in the playoffs. Fnatic removed Breeze and Fracture while Guild banned Split and Icebox. The series was set to begin on Bind, which Fnatic picked as their third option.

The opening game of the series saw Fnatic taking the early lead, winning duels and pistol rounds to prevent Guild from coming back to the match. There was an aim difference between the two teams, which resulted in Fnatic securing the map 13-6 with a well-planned macro strategy. The following map was Haven, and Guild had something to say before watching Fnatic dominate the game.

Game 2

As we used to see throughout the tournament, Fnatic opened up the game with a well-played pistol round. It was almost the same as the previous map. This time Guild showed off a better performance on defense, but it was not enough to win the map. Fnatic captured a five-round win streak in the first half, leaving Guild behind before the decider phase.

Fnatic put a phenomenal performance on defense with the help of Mistic. Scores and assists were divided economically, protecting Fnatic from falling to eco rounds. Although “trexx“ made everything to lead his team to victory, Fnatic ended the series on the attack, making their way to the grand finals.

Guild will take on FunPlus Phoenix

Guild and FunPlus Phoenix will square off each other in today’s lower bracket series. The winner of the series will go up against Fnatic in the grand finals, which is set to play on June 26. You can watch all the series’ mentioned below on the official Valorant Twitch channel.

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