NAVI Are Your BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 Champions

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NAVI are the best team in the world, and it has officially been proven. The CIS powerhouse won BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 by taking down Vitality 2-0 in the grand finals. This is the first title that NAVI have lifted since last year’s PGL Stockholm Major. After much criticism of the organization’s management and speculation about the team, NAVI proved to the entire world that they are still one of the biggest organizations in the CS: GO competitive history. Vitality, on the other hand, deserve praise for their performance throughout the tournament.

NAVI will earn $200.000 prize money along with 4000 BLAST Premier points, while VIT will be awarded $200.000 and 2000 circuit points. The CIS juggernaut also qualified for the BLAST Premier: World Final, which will take place in December. From now on, NAVI will pursue back-to-back championship in the IEM Cologne, which will begin on July 5 in Germany.

NAVI took part in the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 as one of the favorites. However, their shaky group stage performance put NAVI one step behind FaZe and ENCE for many people. In addition, NAVI had to make a roster move to replace “Boombl4” after speculations arose about him. As the newest member of the starting roster, “sdy” could not live up to the expectations, which was not surprising for fans.

After that, “sdy” quickly got used to his team and learned what it means to be a part of the NAVI roster. In fact, the breaking point of their championship was when they slaughtered FaZe in the quarterfinals. If there was a team that could overpower NAVI, it was FaZe Clan. However, luckily for NAVI, FaZe were far away from their appearance in the previous tournaments. NAVI did not miss that chance and took down FaZe to proceed to the semifinals.

OG were not a cakewalk for NAVI as they finished up the group stage in first place. NAVI struggled much harder than in the grand finals. After defeating OG 2-1 with an impeccable Mirage performance in the third game, NAVI were ready to win their first title in 2022. On the other side, VIT had such a success in an international tournament by reaching grand finals since their roster formation.


The grand final series was one-sided contrary to expectations. VIT removed Inferno and Ancient while NAVI banned Vertigo and Nuke. The CIS powerhouse kicked off their final run with an easy win on Mirage. Overpass was expected to see more intense competition, but it did not go how fans hoped. NAVI demolished VIT on their pick thanks to an outstanding effort put by “Electronic” on the T side. Valeriy “b1t” Vakhovskiy also carried his team on the CT side with an overall 1.85 rating score. He was selected as the MVP of the finals by winning 79.1% of the votes.

NAVI will take the BLAST Premier trophy to their home, Ukraine, while VIT will work hard not to miss the next chance. BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 has come to an end with all its excitement, thrilling competition, and drama, as the fans and participants were happy to be part of it. You can watch the grand final series on the official BLAST Premier Twitch channel.

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