BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022: NAVI eliminate FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan, the 2022 PGL Major Antwerp Champion, will leave early in Lisbon after their disappointing performance against NAVI in yesterday’s quarterfinals. NAVI, on the other hand, finally got their revenge on FaZe Clan, led by their superstar, s1mple. BLAST Premier Split Finals 2022 saw the favorites suffer underperformance throughout the tournament. FaZe Clan got eliminated from BLAST Premier in the first round of the playoffs as NAVI matched OG in the semifinals, which is set to begin on June 18.

NAVI were in the spotlight since the CIS powerhouse replaced “boombl4” with the former MAD Lions player, “sdy”. S1mple also was not good enough to keep NAVI above water. Fortunately, their opponent, FaZe Clan, looked far away from their best form which could easily dominate three big tournaments in a row. The quarterfinal series between NAVI and FaZe Clan, where only one team would survive, was on to it all. NAVI removed Vertigo and Nuke while FaZe banned Mirage and Ancient ahead of the series. Overpass would be the decider map if needed.

S1mple and his gang, including veteran stars opened up the quarters with an easy peasy victory on their pick, Dust II. The game went to Inferno,where fans encountered the most surprising result of BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

FaZe Clan could only secure one round against NAVI throughout the second game, and there was s1mple who shined with a 2.29 rating alongside 28 kills. His stunning 4 AWP kills on the Mid defense put an end to the series without the need for a third map.

Vitality vs ENCE

There was another action-packed quarterfinal series between Vitality and ENCE. The second quarterfinal series resulted in VIT qualifying for the semifinals for the first time since their roster formation. ENCE, who stood out with their high lats in 2022, was eliminated from BLAST Premier with only one victory throughout the tournament. The former two finalists, FaZe and ENCE, were both knocked out in the quarters, which was an unexpected result.

get ready for the semifinals!

The semifinal series between NAVI and OG is set to begin on June 18. In the following game, VIT will go up against G2 Esports to take another surprising result with their veteran-young mixed roster including ”ZywOo”, ”dupreeh” and ”misutaa”. You can watch all the quarterfinals from the official BLAST Twitch channel.

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