LCK 2022 Summer – Week 1 Results

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League Championship Korea will likely be more competitive than ever as Damwon KIA and GEN go head-to-head with T1 throughout the summer season. Nuguri is back on the LCK after his one-season break, and DWG upgraded their roster that reached the World Championship two years ago.

They have now a better bot lane duo that can lead the team to victory in tough times. GEN, on the other hand, retained Chovy to take their revenge on T1 this split. The 2022 LCK Summer offered us a bevy of thrilling matches as of the first week. Here are the full results for the opening week of the regular season:

Wednesday / June 15

  • KDF 2 — 1 HLE
  • NS 0 — 2 DRX

Thursday / June 16

  • KT 0 — 2 GEN
  • BRO 0 — 2 DK

Friday / June 17

  • LSB 2 — 0 KDF
  • NS 0 — 2 T1

Saturday / June 18

  • GEN 2 — 0 HLE
  • DRX 2 — 0 BRO

Sunday / June 19

  • KT 1 — 2 T1
  • DK 2 — 0 LSB

DRX, GEN, DWG, and the reigning champion, T1, are the four teams that went undefeated in their first week. It will be fun to watch these teams square off each other in the coming weeks. DWG KIA made their LCK debut with two easy wins over BRO and LSB. Nuguri seemed like he needed more time to get used to his former team, although he kept his stunning mechanics at the same level. When Showmaker reaches his top form, which has dominated the pro stage before, Damwon KIA could defeat the undefeated as they did before.

Did GEN learn from their mistakes?

GEN kicked off their regular season run by annihilating KT Rolster and Hanwha Life. Chovy completed the first week with an astonishing +30 KDA score while Ruler led his team in their macro game. However, we will see next Wednesday if this roster worked hard enough to defeat the top-tier teams. GEN will go up against Damwon KIA in the opening match of the second week. The two teams are set to give us an action-packed bo3 series, so free up space on your calendar before you forget.

T1 almost lost to KT Rolster in today’s series, but the undefeated champion bounced back with an excellent Viego performance by Oner. Their first regular-season victory was against Nongshim RedForce on the third day. T1 will take on LSB first, then face off DWG in the match of the week.

It will be a long and tiring week for DWG, as they will meet the best two teams in the league. You can find the full schedule here. If you want to watch the matches mentioned above, you can check out the official LCK YouTube and Twitch channels.

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