LCS 2022 Summer – Week 1 Results

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The first week of the LCS 2022 Summer has concluded with Team Liquid, Counter Logic Gaming, and the reigning champion, Evil Geniuses, having a perfect 3-0 week against their respective opponents. Counter Logic Gaming made their best start to the league since the LCS 2017 Summer, and looked promised for the coming weeks.

Luger, the Turkish star of the team, got Seraphine banned against them after showing an impeccable performance in their opening games. It will be interesting to watch this team against the juggernauts because CLG have proven as of the first week that they have unusual picks and strategies.

lCS 2022 Summer Week 1 Results

Day 1

  • Evil Geniuses 1 — 0 Cloud9
  • Fly Quest 1 — 0 Golden Guardians
  • 100 Thieves 1 — 0 TSM
  • Immortals 0 — 1 Team Liquid
  • Dignitas 0 — 1 Counter Logic Gaming

Day 2

  • Cloud9 0 — 1 Golden Guardians
  • Dignitas 0 — 1 Team Liquid
  • Evil Geniuses 1 — 0 100 Thieves
  • TSM 0 — 1 Counter Logic Gaming
  • Immortals 1 — 0 FlyQuest

Day 3

  • 100 Thieves 1 — 0 Dignitas
  • FlyQuest 0 — 1 Evil Geniuses
  • Team Liquid 1 — 0 Cloud9
  • Counter Logic Gaming 1 — 0 Golden Guardians
  • TSM 1 — 0 Immortals

Evil Geniuses vanquished 100 Thieves in their third regular-season match to complete the opening week without loss. Although the defending champion had limited time to study the current meta before the summer season began, it could not prevent them from beating their rivals. Evil Geniuses will go up against Counter Logic Gaming on June 27 to cement their leadership. But before that, they will have to avoid any surprises against Immortals on the previous day.

Cloud9 and Dignitas are the only two teams without a win. They anchored in last place due to their poor performance throughout the first week. In the offseason, Cloud9 were in the spotlight with role swaps among the team. Fudge returned top lane while Zven proceeded to the starting roster in support role. The organization also signed Jensen to fill the vacancy in mid lane, but it looks like the problem was not just with the players. Cloud9 fans should not be desperate as their team will somehow make it playoffs, but it is not safe to say they will change the things in their favor for later.

100 Thieves need to be better

Five teams tied in second place with 2W 1L include the former champion, 100 Thieves. After making their LCS debut with a clean win over TSM, 100 Thieves lost to Evil Geniuses with their hands tied. In other words, 100T allowed EG to pick their favorite champs in the pick-ban phase. Towards the mid-late game, 100 Thieves had nothing to answer EG’s compositional advantages. The rematch of the spring finals did not go well for them.

Team Liquid opened up the regular season with a perfect game against Immortals. The NA superteam completed the match at the 25th-minute mark without giving any score, turrets, and neutral objectives. After this staggering performance for the first game, Team Liquid dismantled Dignitas and Cloud9 to take their seat at the top of the league. You can head to the official LCS Twitch channel to watch these games mentioned above if you missed any of them.

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