LEC 2022 Summer Split Day 1 Results

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The 2022 LEC Summer Season could not have started better for MAD Lions, as the former EU champion secured their first win over Team Vitality with the help of Nisqy. Moreover, the newest addition to the team demonstrated his ambition to play at the highest stage after his one-season break. Nisqy was definitely what MAD Lions needed to keep the starting roster warm. This was already reflected in their opening match against the LEC’s superteam, Vitality.

Here are the full results for day 1 of the 2022 LEC Summer Split

  • Team Vitality 0 — 1 MAD Lions
  • Team BDS 0 — 1 SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports 1 — 0 Astralis
  • Excel 1 — 0 Misfits Gaming
  • Fnatic 1 — 0 Rogue

MAD vs Vitality

After tanky champions returned to the current meta in top lane with the latest patch, teams changed their game plan to use their power. With this in mind, VIT picked Sejuani for Alphari while MAD replied back with Ornn. However, there was something VIT did not take into account, Nisqy. Veteran mid laner returned to the pro stage where he left off. He established his lane kingdom against Perkz and dominated skirmishes with his stainless mechanics. MAD Lions closed out the opening game in 34. minute mark as they gave us a fun game to watch.

Fnatic, G2, and Excel kicked off the season with win

Excel, who surprised everyone in the previous season, kicked off the summer with a convincing victory over Misfits Gaming. The reigning champion, G2 Esports, dismantled Astralis in their first regular-season match, while Fnatic vanquished Rouge in an intense 35-minute game led by Wunder and Upset. SK Gaming were also another team that started the summer split with victory. We will see what this humble roster can do in the upcoming weeks.

The Remaining Schedule Of The First Week

June 18

  • Team BDS vs Astralis
  • MAD Lions vs SK Gaming
  • Vitality vs Misfits Gaming
  • Fnatic vs Excel
  • G2 Esports vs Rogue

June 19

  • Misfits Gaming vs Astralis
  • Team Vitality vs Team BDS
  • SK Gaming vs Fnatic
  • G2 Esports vs Excel
  • Rogue vs MAD Lions

On the second day of the superweek, MAD Lions will go up against SK Gaming, while VIT and MSF will face each other. Fnatic will take on Excel, while G2 Esports will square off against Rogue in the closing match of the day. Astralis, on the other hand, are set to meet Team BDS to secure their first league win. You can watch all the hectic matches mentioned above on the official LEC Twitch channel.

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