HLTV CS:GO World Rankings (Updated)

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HLTV CS:GO world rankings updated with the completion of IEM Dallas 2022. According to new rankings shared by HLTV, Cloud9 moved up to fourth place thanks to their phenomenal performance throughout IEM Dallas. The NA organization left behind FURIA, G2, and NIP with 599 points. C9’s return to the CS:GO competitive scene changed the course of rankings as NIP, Team Spirit, and Heroic fell three places.

ENCE, on the other hand, retained their second place ahead of NAVI. The England-based team managed to play two grand finals and one semifinal during the last three tournaments. Their average performance is better than the other teams even if they could not lift the trophy. ENCE proved that they will always be a contender for the championship with their solid roster.

NAVI lost one place due to the inferior performance they showed off throughout 2022. They made it to the grand finals in the PGL Major Antwerp 2022, but the other two tournaments of ESL Grand Slam Season did not go as they thought. It looks like NAVI need to revamp the starting roster. Otherwise, they will continue to watch FaZe dominate the pro stage.

FaZe Clan stayed on top

FaZe Clan tied in first place after winning three of four tournaments they took part in 2022. There is a nearly 300 points difference between FaZe and their closest rival, ENCE. ESL One Season 15, IEM Katowice, and PGL Major Antwerp saw FaZe demolish all the other teams, but in Dallas, Cloud9 broke the spell by eliminating the defending champion in the quarterfinals. It was surprising because FaZe were expected to reach at least grand finals considering their previous appearances.

FURIA and G2 boosted their rankings as Heroic, NIP, and Spirit lost their previous places. Team Vitality secured their tenth place as BIG moved up to eleventh place thanks to their semifinal result in Dallas.

HLTV CS:GO World Rankings

  1. FaZe Clan — 977 points
  2. ENCE — 698 points
  3. NAVI — 680 points
  4. Cloud9 — 599 points
  5. FURIA — 450 points
  6. G2 Esports — 402 points
  7. NIP — 400 points
  8. Team Spirit — 393 points
  9. Heroic — 363 points
  10. Team Vitality — 322 points
  11. BIG — 298 points
  12. Team Liquid — 225 points
  13. Astralis — 219 points
  14. Imperial — 171 points
  15. Outsiders — 156 points
  16. MOUZ — 122 points
  17. Entropiq — 102 points
  18. Movistar Riders — 101 points
  19. Bad News Eagles — 99 points
  20. forZe — 98 points
  21. MIBR — 89 points
  22. Eternal Fire — 87 points
  23. paiN — 77 points
  24. Complexity — 65 points
  25. HEET — 63 points
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