Cloud9 Are Your IEM Dallas 2022 Champions

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What a return to the CS:GO competitive scene from Cloud9! The North American organization won IEM Dallas 2022 by taking down ENCE 3-0 with an impeccable performance throughout the grand final series. That was absolutely unexpected, but Cloud9 well deserved to sit on the throne as they conquered the toughest teams in the tournament on their way to the crown. ENCE, on the other hand, lost their second final series after getting slapped by FaZe Clan on ESL One Season 15. Their reputation has been increasing since they managed to stay as a contender for titles. ENCE will be looking for redemption in the previous tournaments as Cloud9 will take the trophy home to celebrate this epic victory with fans.

Cloud9 announced the organization’s return to the CSGO scene back in April and acquired Gambit Esports’ starting roster to pick up where they left. After getting eliminated from PGL Major Antwerp 2022 in the Legends stage, Cloud9 changed their focus on IEM Dallas, the fourth big tournament of the Intel Grand Slam Season. Their roster was capable of being a contender against top-tier teams, but the only thing they needed was to fit in with each other.

C9 crossed a rough way

Cloud9 secured their spot in the playoff stage after demolishing NIP and Team Liquid in the lower bracket. Then C9 intimidated their opponents with an astonishing win over the defending champion, FaZe Clan. Semifinals became more exciting as the remaining four teams were close to each other in terms of strategy, skills, and power. Cloud9 dismantled BIG in the semifinals and met ENCE to hoist the trophy.

The first two maps of the grand final series were close, but C9 were always in the driver’s seat. Ancient was quite disappointing for ENCE as they could only win three rounds in the do-or-die map. Cloud9 closed out the final game led by Ax1Le, who had an excellent +18 KDA score throughout the series. After the 2018 Boston Major, Cloud9 achieved their first notable success on IEM Dallas 2022.

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