Moon Knight – Episode 5 Review : Introspective and Messy

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Moon Knight has been pretty fun. And with especially with the last episode which was really fun by the end. But it ended with a huge cliff hanger leaving us to pick up after seeing the huge hippo goddess. This episode is mainly about the introspection of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. But this episode does leave me kind of worried as this is only a six episode series.

*Some Spoilers from Here*

The episode is set in the Egyptian after life where Marc and Spector are travelling for their souls to be judged. But their hearts are not balanced leading both Marc and Steven to go through their childhood seeing how and why their DID was triggered. As DID is normally caused due to childhood trauma leading Marc to re live his memories of his dead brother and abusive mother. Along with how he became Moon Knight. But now he has Steven for support while Steven himself discovers how he is developed as a personality.

DID_Moon Knight
Steven and Marc

This story is inter cut by Harrow and the “actual” insane asylum leaving what is really happening up in the air. This is all pretty good but the episode is mainly carried by Oscar Issacs. He is really damn good as both his characters. It is weird to say it but Marc and Steven have really good chemistry with each other. He plays off himself really good. This episode is essentially both of them going through his trauma which allows for a range of emotions. The one down side is that there is almost no Moon Knight here but i understand that this show is about Marc & Steven and not Moon Knight.

Final Thoughts

Ona whole it is a really good episode. While the “Moon Knight” is rarely in this episode it focuses on its main characters and their emotional journey. But comes my main problem with the series. Even while being great the episode just leaves a lot in the air. And with only one episode left there is a lot form the series which is yet to be answered. Who is the third personality? Are they actually dead or not? How will they become moon knight again? Are they really dead or not? It is a lot left for one episode to cover. I hope it works out well but leaving these questions ins a cliffhanger will be frustrating no the less. Hopefully it ends well.



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