LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: G2 dismantled Misfits Gaming

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G2 swept Misfits 3-0 in the third round of the loser’s bracket to make it to the final round, where they will face off against Fnatic. Misfits Gaming, on the other hand, have been knocked out from the 2022 Spring Playoffs. However, they left behind a phenomenal season for them by garnering accolades with their consistent performance until here. The final series of the lower bracket, which will define who will play against Rogue in the 2022 Spring Finals, will be played between Fnatic and G2 on April 9.

G2 vs Misfits Gaming

The do-or-die series saw G2 taking the lead in the early stages for a quick win. In the pick ban screen, G2 had an answer against all Misfits’ bold choices, like Camille and Fiora. Throughout the series, G2 entered the mid-late game ahead of their opponent thanks to their clean macro game strategy with neutral objectives at the center.

G2 also showed that they have peculiar choices that could squeeze the opponent. Broken Blade countered Camille with his outstanding Jax performance in the second match. Besides that, Cassiopeia shined in Caps’ hands in the decider match. Picks and bans were designed to put solo laners ahead, but the series was shaped around the bottom lane. Although Jankos did not focus on his bot lane as much as in the previous series, Flakked and Targamas did a great job at every stage of the game as they led G2 to win the series without resistance. Misfits Gaming were not able to bounce back to the series with their exhausted appearance.

G2 Esports will face off Fnatic in the final round of the losers bracket. They have to win one more series to make their way to the finals. Earlier in the first round of the 2022 Spring Playoffs, Fnatic destroyed G2 with a stellar performance. We will see if G2 has learned from its mistakes or not. The European derby will begin on April 9, two days before the 2022 Spring Finals.

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