Rogue secured their spot at the 2022 LEC Spring Finals

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Rogue became the first team to qualify for the 2022 LEC Spring Finals. After their reverse sweep against Fnatic in the semi-finals of the winner bracket, Rogue secured their spot at the Spring Finals. On the other side, Fnatic fell to the lower bracket and started waiting for the winner of the series between G2 and Misfits Gaming, which is set to play tonight.

Nobody expected Rogue to finish the regular season in first place, including their fans. Even though Inspired and Hans Sama, the two core players of the team, parted ways with Rogue in the off-season, Malrang and Comp filled the gap very well. There were even those who thought Rogue were better than last year.

Fnatic fell to the lower bracket, Rogue advanced to the finals

After Rogue made quick work on Misfits Gaming in the first round of the winner bracket, they bounced back to the series from 0-2 against Fnatic. Losing the semi-final series with a reverse sweep will demoralize Fnatic for the next round.

The fourth and fifth matches determined the fate of the series. Rogue found the working formula against Fnatic. Taking Razork and Humanoid under pressure in the early stages of the game was their primary game strategy, which took them to the finals. Although Rogue focused on grabbing advantages over the top side of the map, Aphelios and Rakan demolished arguably the best bottom duo in the West, Upset and Hylissang. Fnatic should have banned both champions in the decider match, but they picked almost the same champions with overconfidence.

The do-or-die game for both teams resulted in Rogue dominating the early-mid stage, as we saw in the previous match. Neutral objectives collected by Malrang one by one, Fnatic had nothing to say about Rogue’s macro game. They poured all their resources into Comp to scale him. When the young star lived up to expectations, Fnatic had little to hold on to bounce back to the game.

Rogue sat tight next to the title and started waiting for their opponent they will face off in the 2022 Spring Finals, which will begin on 10 April.

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