LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: G2 eliminated Team Vitality

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G2 Esports eliminated Team Vitality from the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs with a convincing 3-0 victory in the second round of the lower bracket. The European super team has lost its chance to represent the LEC in the upcoming MSI 2022 tournament. On the flip side, G2 Esports will meet Misfits Gaming in the third round of the lower bracket on April 4. The winner of the series will be matched with either FNC or Rogue, who will battle it out to secure their spot at the grand finals.

G2 vs perkz

Perkz, the legendary mid lane player, competed against his former team, G2 Esports, for the first time in his glorious career. Team Vitality had some issues since the beginning of the 2022 Spring, and the coaching staff could not do well to define roles. Who will be hyper carry of the team? Or who will assume the role of supportive laner? These questions were never answered throughout the regular season.

Vitality somehow overpowered Excel in an intense five-game series by using their talent advantages. However, it did not work against G2 Esports. The match-up between Caps and Perkz was worth watching, but G2 made quick work on Vitality after being slapped by Fnatic in the winner bracket.

G2 Esports focused on the bot side of the map to ruin Carrzzy’s game. It was tough to gain advantages in other lanes. Therefore, Jankos mostly played around with Flakked and Targamas in the series. G2 Esports decimated VIT in every aspect of the game and stuck to high damage compositions with Jinx in the center. VIT chose not to ban threatening champions such as Viego, Jinx, and Rakan that G2 players are comfortable with. Flakked showed an outstanding performance against Carrzzy, which they will need in the next round.

Misfits Gaming will meet G2 in the third round of the lower bracket, which is set to play on April 4. You can catch all the action from the LEC’s official Twitch channel.

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