T1 are the 2022 LCK Spring Split champions!

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The T1 area, which captivated everyone in the past, is finally back! T1 were crowned as the best team in Korea again after defeating GEN 3-1 in the 2022 LCK Spring Finals. GEN were not able to stand against T1 domination even though they battled it out with their full roster against Faker’s junior team for the first time in this thriller season. T1 has written its name in history with golden letters led by legendary mid lane player, Faker. It is bewildering for T1 to remain unbeaten all season, considering their roster is mostly composed of rookie names.

T1 secured their spot at the MSI 2022

T1 will represent Korea in the 2022 MSI, which will take place between 10-29 May. The first team to qualify for the tournament is T1 at the time of this writing, which also makes them the favorite for the title. Oner was selected as the finals MVP thanks to his outstanding Viego performance in the last two games of the series. He exerted intense pressure on Peanut while the young star made his opponent go through one of his worst series.


Game 1 of the final series started with a fierce battle between T1 and GEN in the early stage of the game to take the lead. Although T1 were better in terms of macro play, GEN succeeded in responding to its opponent in skirmishes. However, it was not enough for GEN to follow T1 from the back throughout the game. The unbeaten juggernaut hit its pawn in the first game.

GEN bounced back to the series in the second match by showing they had no intention of leaving the LCK trophy without fighting. Ryze with tank build was useless again, even in Faker’s hands, and was the most important factor in reducing the overall damage to the team. Ruler ruled over team fights by giving his name, and after GEN grabbed cloud soul, there was no way out for T1.

The remaining two games of the series were definitely heartbreaking. As we saw in the previous two games, the series had the potential to be historical, but GEN shattered this expectation in the pick ban screen. The only thing they had to do was select Malphite against Zeus’ Jayce in the top lane instead of putting unnecessary responsibility on Doran with Camille. T1 ruined his early game by roaming, and they did not need to do anything else to take the lead in the series.

The do-or-die match was not different from the fourth game. GEN focused on taking advantages over the top lane even though they got two of the best players in the LCK, Ruler, and Chovy, on their hands. GEN set up a risky composition around Akshan, and these groundless choices resulted in T1 dismantling them to secure their spot at the MSI 2022.

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