LEC 2022 Spring Playoffs: Vitality defeat Excel

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Destiny brought Perkz and G2 together again, but this time, one of the greatest players of Western League of Legends history will fight for a different organization. Team Vitality will meet with G2 in the second round of the lower bracket after overpowering Excel in a five-match action-packed series.

Perkz will battle it out against his former team, where he became a legendary mid lane player. Round 2 of the lower bracket, which will be played between G2 and Team Vitality, is scheduled to begin on April 1. This potential jaw-dropping series between the two teams could be the most-watched playoff series of the 2022 Spring Split.

Team Vitality, who expected to be the next European super team before the 2022 LEC Spring Split began, had a rough season given the potential their roster has. Perkz was far from his ideal form, while Alphari could not live up to the expectations in his second EU endeavor until the coaching staff started using him as a strong side. They would have almost been out of the playoffs if they had lost their last regular season match. The defending champion, MAD Lions, were chasing them right after, but VIT somehow secured their spot at the playoffs.

VIT entered the playoff stage from the loser bracket because they finished the regular season in sixth place. The top six teams were matched in the first round of the playoffs by their regular-season standings. VIT met Excel, who made their way to the playoff stage in the LEC for the first time in the organization’s history.

Team Vitality vs Excel

The first lower bracket series started with Excel sweeping Team Vitality in every single aspect of the game, supported by an agonizing 6-0 Jinx performance from Patrik. Lissandra was also worked well against LeBlanc and restricted her ability to poke comfortably. After Team Vitality tied the series in the second match, Excel took the lead once again and stuck to their game plan built around Jinx, which seemed logical to them.

Vitality bounced back to the series by setting up solid compositions that could win skirmishes on the top side of the map. Selfmade led Vitality to victory with his excellent Volibear performance while Alphari supported him in team fights with Gnar.

The decider match of the series was not different from the previous one. However, this time VIT set up a late-game composition, and their hyper-carry champions, Aphelios and Camille, got stronger before the game went into the late stage. Team Vitality destroyed enemy nexus and welcomed Excel in their first playoff series.

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