LCS 2022 Spring Playoffs: 100T vs C9, TL vs EG

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The top six teams from the 2022 Spring Season were matched in the first round of the playoff stage according to their final standings. Immortals and FlyQuest, who tied in 5th and 6th place at the end of tie-breaker matches, are now waiting for their opponent they will face off in the lower bracket. TSM will not take part in the playoff stage for the first time organization’s remarkable history. Their newly restructured team, which was built around young talents from Asia, disappointed many North American fans with their awful performance throughout the season. 2022 is a nightmare for the organization, and the playoff competition without TSM might be less exciting.

However, do not hesitate to watch the playoff series because the defending champion, 100 Thieves, improved their performance as the weeks passed. On the flip side, Cloud9 exceeded the expectations after they parted ways with head coach ‘’ LS’’. Even though they lost the lead to Team Liquid in their last game of the regular season, Cloud9 will definitely be a contender for the title.

100 Thieves vs Cloud9

The playoff stage will begin with a potential jaw-dropping series between the defending champion, 100 Thieves, and Cloud9, who were not expected to finish the regular season in second place. 100 Thieves looked like their primary game plan was not working effectively against top-tier teams and made a rough start to the 2022 Spring Season. The coaching staff found a new way to appease the champion team. Also, fighting against better teams made 100 Thieves better throughout the season.

Cloud9 entered the playoff stage from second place and matched 100 Thieves, one of the toughest opponents they can face in the first round. Cloud9 defeated 100 Thieves in the first regular-season match, but the reigning champion got their revenge in the second match. After LS parted ways with the organization, Cloud9 looked better than they were in the first half of the season. What they changed in the team was their composition. Cloud9 headed with less risky compositions, and the team had a phenomenal winning streak contrary to expectations. There was no noticeable talent gap between the two teams, which made this series more hectic.

team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

Both teams met in the 2022 LCS Lock-In Finals before. CoreJJ, veteran shot caller support of the team, could not take part in his team due to visa issues. Team Liquid set a super team around Bjergsen, Hans Sama, and Bwipo were the two players who would take the team to the next level. Even though Cloud9 were ahead of them in most of the Spring Season, Team Liquid did not let them widen the lead.

Evil Geniuses left behind a shaky season, tied in fourth place at the end of the tie-breaker matches. After Inspired joined the team, EG was expected to be a contender for the title alongside TL, 100T, and C9. It looks like EG has to take down all competent rosters they could not beat in the regular season.

The first round series’ of the 2022 Spring Playoffs will begin on April 2. On the other side of the bracket, Immortals and FlyQuest will be waiting for their opponents to be determined after the first round.

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