Is Moon Knight The Best Disney+ MCU Show?

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Moon Knight has just been released and has already become one of the best MCU shows that you can watch on Disney+ today. It’s unique, refreshingly new, and full of mystery. In that regard, there are a lot of things to love about Moon Knight and what it brings to the MCU. So, does that mean that Moon Knight is currently the best Disney+ MCU show?

It’s too early to say that Moon Knight is the best Disney+ MCU show because it is yet to reach its climax. However, based on the show’s quality of acting, intriguing direction, and interesting plotline, there is a chance that Moon Knight could very well be the best MCU series available on Disney+.

Because there are a lot of different amazing Marvel series that you can watch on Disney+, it can be a bit too difficult to say that Moon Knight is the best, especially when it’s yet to reach its peak. Still, it has a lot of potential to become the best. Of course, we are here to look at how good Moon Knight is and why it could eventually become the best Disney+ MCU show.

Is Moon Knight The Best Disney+ MCU Show Right Now?

Ever since Disney+ launched, it didn’t take long for the MCU to release some of the most amazing Marvel series that you can watch on the streaming channel. Of course, that’s due to the fact that the world of Marvel is full of different characters and stories that are quite intriguing and unique. And one of the newest characters to see the light of the MCU is Moon Knight.

Moon Knight immediately became one of the most intriguing Marvel shows before it even premiered. The reason for the hype was largely due to the fact that this is an entirely new Marvel series that doesn’t seem to have any connection to the previous MCU movies and shows that we have seen over the better part of the last decade and a half. And when you give people something new, they are going to bite on it.

Nevertheless, Moon Knight seemed to have lived up to its billing when it saw its release on March 30, 2022, and that was largely due to the acting prowess of Oscar Isaac, who plays Steven Grant/Marc Spector, and the intriguing storyline that comes with the main villain Arthur Harrow, who is played by Ethan Hawke. But has Moon Knight become the best Disney+ MCU show right now?

There are a lot of things to love about Moon Knight, especially when you consider a lot of the different things that make it one of the best shows on Disney+ right now. Other than the performances of the top characters of the series, the way the show’s plot progresses and the way the first episode was able to allow us to see a glimpse of the dynamic between Steven and Marc makes Moon Knight one of the best shows when it comes to its overall ability to get audiences hooked and wondering what will happen next. 

The ability to draw audiences in will always be an indispensable quality that any good TV series should have, and Moon Knight did a good job at that in its first episode.

Then there’s also the fact that Moon Knight was able to portray an obviously conflicted character who doesn’t even know what’s happening or why certain things are happening. It gives us a good look at who Steven Grant/Marc Spector is and how he sees things from his perspective.

That said, it’s too early in the day to say that Moon Knight is the best show that you can watch on Disney+ because it is yet to reach its climax. All of the other Marvel Disney+ shows have definite plots from start to finish, and that means that it is easier to judge them compared to Moon Knight. But that doesn’t take away the fact that Moon Knight’s uniqueness gives it a definite edge over the other Marvel shows on Disney+, and that could make it the best when compared to the others.

What Makes Moon Knight Unique In The MCU?

As mentioned, Moon Knight’s uniqueness is what truly gives it an edge when compared to the other MCU shows that you can find on Disney+. But what exactly about this series makes it so unique?

Let’s start with the fact that all of the other MCU movies and shows are interconnected or are based on characters that have an established name and fanbase in the MCU. On the other hand, Moon Knight is entirely new in the sense that it is yet to establish a fanbase or any sort of connection with the other MCU movies and shows. It hasn’t even made any references to the MCU movies and shows or even the characters that have appeared in them.

Then there’s the fact that Steven Grant’s/Marc Spector’s mental state is at the focal point of this series. It’s true enough that other MCU heroes are less than perfect and are all troubled or flawed in their own way. But Steven/Marc is completely mental in the sense that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), which allows him to have multiple identities sharing one body. This gives us a good look at what a completely imperfect and flawed MCU character could do as a hero or antihero.

Of course, the fact that Moon Knight seemingly explores the supernatural is an amazing touch. Make no mistake about the fact that the MCU has had its fair share of gods and godlike entities, but all of those characters are cosmic and not supernatural. For example, Thor and Loki were seen as gods, but they are merely cosmic entities that are godlike in terms of what they can do.

On the other hand, the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight seem to be almost entirely supernatural and are not cosmic. This makes us see a different side to the MCU in the sense that Marvel Studios probably isn’t afraid of diving into the supernatural aspect of the Marvel lore through Moon Knight.

Which Disney+ MCU Show Is Better Than Moon Knight?

At this point, it is tough to say that Moon Knight is the best, no matter how unique it is. That’s because there are plenty of different MCU shows on Disney+ that have already concluded their first seasons. But which one/s are better than Moon Knight?

Well, that one is also tough to say because all of the different MCU shows on Disney+ have their own niche markets and are all unique in their own way. Nevertheless, Loki seems to be the most popular out of all of them.
So, if you are interested in catching all of those MCU shows so that you can judge them yourself, you can watch them in order so that you can get a better idea of which among those different MCU shows on Disney+ stands as the best. And you’ll eventually reach the conclusion that there probably isn’t one that’s completely better than the other, especially if you understand how interconnected all of the MCU shows are in the grander scheme.

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