Halo – Series Episode 2 Review : Dull but still Intriguing

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The premier episode of Halo is awkward and cheesy yet brutal and fun. That episode had me intrigued with how it ended but i a disappointed to see how it has proceeded. This is mostly in terms of its story and dialogue. But the episode does have its positives which i will be discussing in the spoilers section.


This Episode picks up right after Master Chief has decided to rescue the girl he had to assassinate. Him betraying UNSC and the UNSC being a slimly military is actually really fun. This is followed by a flash back with a young John aka Master Chief. And he is conflicted to help another spartan to escape from the UNSC. The other Spartan turns out to a guy named Soren who is now one of the only person John can trust. The UNC is out hunting for Master Chief while at the same time John is trying to figure out what the hell the artifact is.

Halo_Chief(No helmet)
Master Chief is unmasked a lot

John wants to know what is it that is making the ancient Artifact react to him in such a way. Because for most it does nothing but for him it shows Visions of the childhood which was wiped from him by UNSC. Along with a super weapon of some sorts( Game spoilers….Its the Halo Ring). Seemingly being only one who can activate it Master Chief is conflicted. Also John is visibly terrified about this super weapon. He realizes that the best chance to combat this is with the UNSC.

The other part of the episode is Halsey trying to find John. While tricking the war council into allowing to her to make a cloned AI. She is gaslighting and manipulative while being genuine. By the end when John return one can see her gears turning to trick him. It is fascinating but most of the scenes left me bored.

The worst story element is the Covenant and how it is shown that they have a Human among them. She is seemingly like Master Chief where she can activate the artifact. This part feels frustrating and boring.

Thoughts and Verdict

The show still has the intrigue in its base story but the way it is being told is boring. In contrast the actors who portray Master Chief and Halsey are doing fantastic Jobs carrying the weak and cheesy dialogue. There is the problem with CGI in the show which is very inconsistent with it looking great sometimes while also look bad the next minute.

The 2nd Episode of Halo is weak in more places than its not. It is dragged down by its cheesy dialogue and storytelling which does not completely mesh like the games. The performances however strong are unable to rectify that making it a dull ride. But it still leaves me intrigue and i hope the next episode moves towards that more.



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